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Hey everyone, just finished cutting up some more video for your entertainment/educational use. If you have questions, comments, or just general heckling, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

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  1. Glad to see some new videos. I just built a fence and strike zone last Saturday using your guide. I made my strike zone a bit different because I couldn’t find a large piece of flashing and didn’t want to cut a tin piece as I didn’t have the proper tools to make it look nice. I used 4 smaller rectangles (roof flashing) and it’s actually kinda cool because each square divides the strike zone into 4 quadrants–up and inside, up and outside, low and away, and low and inside. My arm is super sore from pitching a lot on Sunday–been icing it. This week, I’m going to mod my bats (nerf, easton power stix 1000, and original wiffle bat).


    1. That’s actually a really good idea to use four separate pieces of flashing. My one complaint on my k-zone is that the flashing doesn’t fill up the whole zone. This leads to the occasional ball getting stuck between the metal and side (you’ll see this happen in the game video we put up a week or so ago). You should take a picture of your k-zone and send it to, I’d love to check it out. I might steal your idea for mine! If you get a chance you should take some pictures or even a video of your field all set up and we can post it for other people to get ideas from. Thanks again Jon!

      P.S. How did you attach each piece of flashing? Did you zip-tie them to each other in the middle?

      1. I’ll setup the field this weekend and take some pics as well as pics of the k-zone. I used grommets for all the flashing pieces and zip-tied them all together. My nephew last weekend (8yrs old) already put a dent in one of the squares by swinging the bat randomly and then he hit my k-zone. I’m like wtf.. lol It’s awesome and I would do it this way in the future. Grommets at the hardware store were like $1.20 for two (I needed 8 of those bags). There’s got to be a cheaper connection somewhere… I will email you later tonight with k-zone pics.

        1. Hahaha our k-zone has taken it’s share of beatings too! The flashing is so thin that even a hard thrown fastball will leave a mark. We ran into the same issue with grommets but can’t find anything cheaper ourselves. Thanks in advance for the pics

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