Yeah, so, just Wiffle ball wasn’t cutting it anymore (or, we had enough requests), so we finally did a Blitzball review.  I must tell you that it’s seriously impressive.  After giving it a go, we’re certain that both Wiffle and Blitzball can co-exist peacefully in the world of backyard bat and ball sports.  Blitzball affords those with a little more baseball background (or in Jason’s case, pedigree) a bit more creativity.  The Blitzball moves like a baseball, and is easier to control.  We actually found that moving our mound back to 45 feet from 40 provided the best combination of hitting and pitching.

Another serious reason to take a good look at the Blitzball is this, you can buy a bat/ball starter combo for $22 (bat, 2 blitzballs, instructional DVD).  The thing is, the bat is the exact bat you get from buying a Ken Griffey bat, but in blue.  So, to summarize, for $1 less, you get the same bat as the Louisville C271, two new Blitzballs AND an instructional DVD.  It’s my new favorite recommendation for the question, “I have twenty bucks for bat/ball sports gear, what should I buy?” In my opinion, this purchase is a no-brainer if you want a great bat, because it gives you the opportunity to expand your game.

Blitzball is here to stay, the company is growing quickly and I believe that it’s going to build itself into a long time player in the backyard of America.  Check out the article in Wiffler’s Digest that examines the Blitzball through an interview with the owner/founder.

Happy wiffling blitzing.








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    1. Well…sort of. I prefer them now. Casey’s on the fence I think. The pitching is so much more baseball-like, it’s awesome. They’re very different from Wiffle balls. Totally different game, both can co-exist peacefully. Depends on what we want to play any given evening.

      1. Blitz balls are a bit pricey. You can’t buy them in bulk. And you can’t really play with them in a backyard because you can hit them farther. $3.00/per ball plus shipping… I actually just bought the combo (bat, two balls, and dvd) I don’t really need the dvd — but I just really bought it for the bat. I’m going to use the blitzballs as the money balls in hr derby where they count as 3x if you hit a hr with one.


        1. Jon,

          Great idea! Blitzballs are a bit more pricey. I hope you agree that the bat is a great buy considering that just a black Griffey costs about 23 bucks. The money ball idea is terrific. You’re going to notice a bit more sailing with blitzballs than with wiffle balls. What I mean is that when you get one in the air, the backspin causes the ball to lift significantly higher than a wiffle ball. You get a bit more carry. The blitzballs are pricier, about twice what you’d find a wiffle ball for, however, their uniqueness makes me really enjoy them. Have you gotten a chance to really give them a look yet? Thanks for your ideas!

        2. Another quick side note, Aaron, the owner of College Hill Games, and Blitzball, is a seriously nice guy. If you’re interested in picking up more Blitzballs (bulk), you should email him and ask him about anything they might be willing to do. You never know until you ask, good luck.

          1. do u know a email adress that i could get ahold of him on bcuz the blitzball website is not the best at getting back to you.

          2. Try to find him on Facebook. He gets back to tons of people on the regularly. Search for Blitzball and you should find him.

  1. Blitzballs are great im just a kid and so far i do hr derby with them and they travel incredibley far also very fast a little pricy but its worth it also love your reviews on you tube still blitzing with the winter

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