And, we’re back!

The weather isn’t quite cooperating, but it’ll dry out eventually.  We’ve got three bats lined up for review as soon as possible; the GTSOH bat by Palisades Wiffleball, the Screwball bat, and the “Casey special”, he’s being pretty secretive as he is quite excited about it!

In other news, we were interviewed by Justin, the Owner/Presenter of an independent radio show called, “The Justin Wayne Show,” based in London, England.  We’re bringing wiffleball to the world!  Here is a link to the show we’re on, we start at 35:55.  Enjoy, and happy wiffling!  Start stretching out those arms!

2 Replies to “And, we’re back!”

  1. Nice to see you guys back. It has been awesome here in Minnesota…60’s and 70’s all week. Just took some cuts this afternoon. Looking forward to seeing some updates. RS

    1. Glad to hear Minnesota is cooperating. We’ll be getting things going in the next couple of weeks with reviews and whatnot. If only I could get Casey to quit with the cupcake baking, we’d be in business!

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