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Aloha, and happy wiffle season to you.  We’ve been toying with a few new ideas around here and thought we’d better give this a go.  With ten reviewed bats under the belt and many more to come, we needed a universal grading method.  I’d like to present to you, “The Bat Chart”.  It’s really nothing too fancy, but it is a nice way to see what we think of one bat in comparison to another.  Please critique and make suggestions so we can improve it for your use.

In the future, click on “bats” in the menu bar and it’ll take you straight there.  Go get em, kids!

Bat NamePriceLengthPop (out of 10)Distance (out of 10)Handle/Grip/Feel (out of 10)Total Score (out of 30)
Moonshot KSCX Rev2$20035", 35.5", 36"1091029
Moonshot KSCX$20035", 35.5", 36"1081028
Blitzball Bat$2233"87924
Louisville Slugger C271 (Ken Griffey Jr. Bat)$18
Palisades Wiffle - GTSOH$3534, 35, or 36"87823
Easton Pro Stix 1000$1533"87823
Nerf Swerve$1432"87823
Ripken Quickbat$1430"98623
Junk Ball (Standard Bat)$10
Marucci Wiffle Stick$3032" but custom sizing is allowed.751022
Big Jack Bat$25
MLB Powerhouse Grey Bat$734"67518
Original Yellow Wiffle Bat$532"65617
Nerf Fire Vision$20
Junk Ball Revolution$16
MLB Slurve Bat$13
Classic Sports Sandlot Stick$6 (Dick's Sporting Goods)30"53210

4 Replies to “New Bat Chart”

  1. Nice work…still thinking about the Griffey or Blitzball bat…just love my Eastons so much! Interesting that is came in as the same rating as the Nerf.

    1. The Easton is a much more baseball feel while the Nerf (because it’s blazing orange) feels like a toy. Both have great construction though, and the handle on the Nerf is great. Both are good bats, but I think you’d notice the difference if you went with a Griffey or Blitzball. Because you’re a major bat modification type of guy, you may enjoy the GTSOH as well, it’s also an excellent bat, and it comes pre-modded for you.

  2. I might have to check that GTSOH bat out…at least the Easton is second on your pulldown list under the bats section. 🙂

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