We need to know…

One of our regular site viewers, Ryan, sent a picture looking for help id’ing a bat he found at a garage sale.  He says it’s about 30″.  Anyone ever seen this bat?  Anyone have experience with this bat?  Know where we can get our hands on one?  Let us know in the comments or via email (info@sahdwiffle.com).  As always, happy wiffling.


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  1. I’ve seen a couple bats like that one matter of fact i have one its a great bat a great feel to the handle its a nice thick plastic but does start to flatten after constant use of up to 5 to 12 months I’m not exactly sure wear to get one but u should try dicks or any sporting goods store.

    1. We’ve tried those stores many times, they don’t branch out too much. We’ll keep our eyes peeled. I have a feeling it’s similar to the “Spectrum” bat I just received. Thanks for the tip.

      1. No problem but those bats sometimes come without the sandlot print on them and i have another one like it but its longer and has a bigger barrel and doesn’t have the sandlot print, but i’l let you know if i see anymore.

  2. I have this bat! It is great and feels close to the c271 in my mind. I love it but over the course of 3 yeard the barrel is a little warped.

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