Ripken Quickbat Review

We’re back at it with a review of the Ripken Quickbat.  Someone on YouTube suggested that we give it a try and wow…we’re glad we did.  Although it’s a very short bat, at 30″, it shines in all aspects of hitting.  If Ripken added three inches, I fear I’d be changing my favorite from the Louisville C271.  Have a look at the video review, and as always, let us know what you think in the comments, the bat chart is updated.  Happy wiffling.

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      1. Guys,
        Both those bats in the links look sick! I may have to sway away from my Eastons to try them out! Also, great review on the Ripken bat.

          1. Ha! Exactly…might ask for one for Fathers Day…or maybe I should go with the Ripken Quickbat. So many choices!

        1. You’re welcome to wait it out and we’ll let you know what we think. In fact, I presume the Marucci will be here in the next two weeks, they’re custom making it, baby blue barrel, white wash handle and cutting it to 33″ for us, so I imagine that it’ll take a bit longer. If you message us a reminder to let you know our thoughts, we’ll gladly do that in a more timely fashion than getting a bat review up. Also, we’re considering doing a head to head wood bat comparison between the trinity and marucci. That said, we completely understand the excitement of getting a new bat…we have about thirty to prove it. Either way, happy wiffling.

  1. That is great…I think I will wait to see what you have to say…thanks! Too bad they can’t put the SAHD logo on it for you too! I like that you guys are branching out to wood bats now.

  2. Have you ever hit with a moonshot bat? I just want to know if they are THAT much better than a griffey bat but $250 is just insane. Thing must be made with flecks of gold…

    1. Good question, Aaron. We’ve got one on the way actually, we’ll let you know once we have time to properly review it. Should be out mid-summer sometime I’m guessing.

  3. Have you guys ordered bats from Cannon Sports before? If so, let me know. Guessing the Louisville Slugger came from them? Thanks! RS

      1. Thanks, I ordered those Cramer bats from the link I posted above and only got 1 bat even though the site said a case of bats (12). Probably too good to be true, but Cannon Sports is saying it is Amazon’s fault and Amazon is saying it is Cannon’s fault. A cluster to say the least…

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