Moonshot KSCX Review

You kept asking.  And asking.  And asking.  So, we decided it was time to review a Moonshot bat.  This is typically far out of our realm, however, we haven’t ever let you down yet, and we weren’t about to start.  Our Moonshot tested well at 36″ and had a very consistent pop off of the barrel.  Speaking of, the barrel, is HUGE.  It’s a 2.75 inch barrel that seems to extent from the handle to eternity.  As far as distance goes, we compared this bat with the Louisville C271 and the Nerf Swerve, and the results were as expected.  A wiffle ball can only go so far.  The maximum distance was fairly even, however, the consistency with which this maximum distance was reached was far more with the Moonshot.  Overall, this bat is phenomenal…if you can afford it.  As Casey puts it, “it turns singles into doubles, doubles into triples, and triples into homeruns.”  If you happen to be in a competitive league and have an extra $200, this is the best bat we’ve tested.  If your teammates all want to pitch in to get one, it’s probably worth your money.  It’s difficult, however, to recommend this bat over the Louisville, or Blitzball bat, for the backyard user, simply because of the cost.  Enjoy the video, and as usual, shoot us comments or questions and we’ll get back to you ASAP.  Happy wiffling.

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  1. Moonshot Mania! Thanks for the great video guys. It was nice to see such a complete test.

    Wishing I could afford a Moonshot, maybe for Christmas. Funky color they sent you. BTW, nice hitting Mr. Pettitte.

    1. Glad you liked it. We were pretty well dehydrated and drenched with sweat after this one. They have tons of colors to choose from on the site, we just caught a random draw, although the purple grew on me. As far as Casey’s hitting, we all know he swings like a girl. 😉

    2. Ryan you need to start recycling cans or something to get one. This bat is awesome! My hitting would have been even better if Chad could actually throw BP pitches

      1. Ha Ha, maybe I should. There is a lady in our development that takes all my cans out from our recycling. Maybe things will be changing. In the mean time, I’ll keep dreaming (however, I’m getting my Louisville next week…good thing I acted quickly, Amazon already sold out.)

        I knew you guys didn’t have a choice on color, thus the comment.

        When we have homerun derbys with the guys, I always use our wiffle pitching machine so there are no arguements on pitching.

        Thanks again, guys!

      2. Search Homemade wiffle ball pitching machine on Youtube. Simple,easy and cheap to set up and it throws strikes all day. Makes BP alot of fun until my sons are old enough to pitch to me.

          1. If you think people would be interested I’d be glad to do instructions or a video. Let me know

          2. I think that would be an overwhelming, “yes.” That is, if you’re up for it. Let us know what we can do to help.

  2. i cant believe your seriously talking about bat head speed on a wiffle ball bat. i love to play wiffle ball but either way a wiffle ball bat is simple to swing. anyone who spends 200 on a wiffle ball bat is an idiot, i mean you can buy the top of the line aluminum bats for that price. stick to your simple backyard bat and if you want mor durability just tape it. the bat we got from blitzball is one of the best ive ever used and the ball flies when you hit it.

    1. Nick,

      Thanks for your comment. Though I understand your viewpoint, I am certain that bat head speed is very important to many highly competitive players in many leagues across the country. If I am staring down a pitcher who throws 75mph from 45 feet, with four feet of break, I think bat head speed would be very important. Further, top of the line alloy bats would be even more exaggerated in the slow bat head speed department in wiffleball as they are far heavier than this carbon fiber/Kevlar mesh that Moonshot has created. There is certainly a market for moonshot. The beauty of it is that you aren’t required to purchase one if you don’t want to.

  3. Just a quick note about the 2.75″ Kscx Revolution.
    This bat is specifically made for fast pitch so you won’t see the true benefits unless you are throwing heat (I have personally witnessed balls hit 170ft). We are thrilled that it performed well for batting practice but it’s kind of like test driving a sports car but only going the speed limit on the freeway. Also, this bat does come in a 34 and 34.5″ length as well. This will reduce overall weight. The new 2.75″ Kscx Rev2 fast pitch bat (to be tested soon) is even nastier than the 2.75″ Kscx Revolution.
    The STiK is our slow-Medium pitch bat which we’ll also send out to be tested shortly.
    Thanks again for the review!

    1. Good to know. We thought we’d give it the same shake that we’ve given the others, although, we put the comparison in as well. I trust that with leagues like Golden Stick using the bat exclusively, they’re fantastic for fast pitch. We’re excited to check out the Rev2 and STiK. Thanks for allowing us to do these reviews, as you’ve probably noticed, the people are interested.

      1. Our pleasure. It’s interesting to see the comparisons. Chad…I think you will really like the Rev2 because it really cuts thru the zone and has no drag. It’s also and ounce lighter than the bat you tested but same material. In the future It will be interesting for you to compare Moonshot to Moonshot once we get more models out your way. We really feel we have a bat for everyone…competetive fast pitch, slow/med. pitch as well as backyarder’s. Also, they last much longer than these less expensive plastic bats.

  4. Chad,

    For some reason I can’t reply directly to your post but if you’d like to embed the pitching machine video in a post that would be great. I already have one buddy who’s made his own,the more people that can enjoy it the better! Thanks again for the great site.

    1. Jim,

      We usually use golf ball sized wiffle balls….do you think your set up would work with just a smaller PVC pipe set up?


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