Blitzball Awarded “Gear of the Year 2012” by Men’s Journal

I know we’re not a news site, but dang it, this is pretty spectacular.  The Blitzball has won the title of “Gear of the Year” as awarded by Men’s Journal.  The magazine annually reviews cool guy gear and awards the coolest with the title, “Gear of the Year.”  To give you an idea of some other winners of the award this year, there’s the Apple MacBook Pro, the Tesla Model S Electric Performance Sedan, and the Easton Kilo 3p carbon fiber tent.  We’re talking cool stuff here, people.

Most people we talk to through this website are solely interested in Wiffleball, and that’s good and well, Wiffleball is great.  But, let me take this opportunity to say to you, Blitzball is the real deal, folks.  We’ve said it before.  We can’t recommend them any higher.  The company has superb service, will answer any question you have, and have a product that anyone can have a great time playing for a long time.  If you haven’t had the chance, go get yourself and your friends some Blitzballs for Christmas, and give someone an updated backyard ball of joy (that didn’t come out right).

4 Replies to “Blitzball Awarded “Gear of the Year 2012” by Men’s Journal”

  1. Very cool! You got me excited when I read “Easton Kilo 3p carbon fiber tent”..for a second, I thought I read Easton Pro Stix 1000.

    1. Of course you would read it as Pro Stix. Seriously though, pretty neat to see a backyard ball get voted as a super cool toy. I hope the exposure leads to a lot of business for Aaron and Blitzball. Pretty awesome stuff.

      1. Yeah, I bet that is great press for them. Still have to get set up some Blitzballs. I believe our local Scheels has them.

        BTW, having an indoor wiffle tournament in a few weeks…incase you are close to Minnesota for the holidays! 🙂

        1. Scheels should have them, unless they’re out for the season or something. I know that every Scheels was carrying them this summer. That’s what I miss the most about Montana and North Dakota (where I’m previously from) is the Scheels stores. Amazing places. Anyway, how about we meet in the middle and have your tournament in Bozeman, Montana for the holidays. That’s where I’ll be. Have fun, Ryan.

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