I can smell it…

Mid-march is upon us, which can only mean one thing.  Backyards are about to come alive with the sound of cracking plastic!  As with every year so far, the offseason has meant we’ve been tinkering with the site, trying to make it a little more user friendly, and ultimately, a better experience for you.

Things we’ve added?

  1. Follow buttons on the sidebar for your easy access to us on other mediums, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. Share buttons below each post and at the bottom of each page.  We wanted you to be able to easily share a story from our site to your friends, family, dog, whatever floats your boat.
  3. More fitness.  Last year, we were an embarrassment.  We were lucky to even hit the ball 100 feet in good conditions.  This year, both Casey, and I, are leaner, meaner, fighting machinier (is that a word?).  We’re going to bring the pain (figuratively).

Things we’ve taken away?

  1. Not that we’ve actually taken it away, but we’re still ad free!  That means all content is what we actually think, not what we’re paid to think.  Same with our reviews.  Remember folks, this is not a money-making venture for us, we do it out of the good of our hearts and our love of the game.
  2. Between Casey and I, we’ve removed at least 50 pounds of lard.  Jason may have added ten, but overall, we’re down a hefty amount, and we did it all for you.  Our healthier selves will live longer, and provide the best plastic reviews until you’re in your rocking chair on your front porch yelling for kids to, “Get off my lawn!”

Overall, we’re psyched for a great season to be upon us.  When the weather finally cooperates, you can bet your bootstraps that we’ll be outside ready to go.  Any recommendations for bat reviews, ball reviews, or gear reviews? We’re looking into a couple of bats, a scoring app, and a few other things so far, but you are the ones that want the info, so tell us what you want.

As always, happy wiffling!

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