Keeping Score

It has occurred to me over the last couple of years that keeping score is something we don’t take as much time with as we need to.  We guesstimate the better hitters and pitchers and call it a day, but many other people do it differently.  How do you keep score for your games?

One of our users, JSS, has been using the paper and pencil method which works great, is time tested, and will keep you straight.  He’s been kind enough to share his .pdf file for your consumption.

So, SAHDwifflers, what are we missing?

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  1. I am currently working on a new scorecard, thanks to the folks at Shangri-La Wiffle:

    It will use the Reisner Scorekeeping System (much more user-friendly) described here:

    But my card will include abbreviations in the legend for Double Plays, Fielder’s Choice, Reach on Error, and Sac Fly. It will also have 6 batting positions available, with 3 subs each, as well as eight opposing pitcher blanks, as well as batter stats in-line with the batter, not below, and columns to keep track of the ball/strike count. I’ll post it up with a small tutorial when it is done.

    The Reisner system really is a nice scorekeeping system to reduce back-tracking.


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