New Site Look, Same Good Stuff

Alright alright…I know, I’m a slacker.  Yada yada yada.  However, hopefully you can appreciate the new site look and ease of navigation.  My computer is back in action!  I know the seasons are wrapping up all over the place, but I’ve still got a chance to get you some bat info, so look for that.

You could be of tremendous help with this new setup.  I’ve changed site hosts, and with that I’ve changed email hosts.  The only email account associated with SAHDwiffle is now  If you’ve previously been in contact with or or, erase those from your address book.  There is ONE EMAIL and it is  Use it, know it, learn it, love it….oh, and send me a test email of it, would you?!?

The new site will roll out over the next couple of days worldwide, but some people may get it sooner than others, no bickering, just be patient.  Hopefully I’ve got it all figured out.  As far as that new Nerf video goes, I’ve recovered all the footage, and cut it, just need to do my talkover and post, so look for that really soon.

Thanks for your patience.  Doing this alone is hard.  John, you want that account I promised you a while ago?!?  Email me!

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