This is why we can’t have nice things…

A little rant coming your way here, forgive me.

Plastic bat and ball sports are awesome, I think you’ll agree.  Some of the products and amazing, some are good, and some don’t cut the mustard for the type of game that most of us want to play. That’s fine. That’s capitalism, I’m good with that. Here’s something I’m not good with though. It’s the blatant ripoffs. Take for instance the new “as seen on tv” Swerve Ball. You can find it in Target now and let’s be real, it’s an absolute blatant ripoff of the Blitzball. Some jackass decided that since the Blitzball patent was pending, he’d swoop in with a bunch of cash and market the crap out of a ball that is identical for all intents and purposes.

Blitzball has a place in the game. It is markedly different from a Wiffle ball and it’s genuinely a unique concept. Both balls can play nicely in the backyard and they should.

Blitzball was started by a nice and intelligent young dude in a garage in New York. He’s since grown his business he old fashioned way with hard work and this is what he gets for it.

This new Swerve ball is everything I hate about America. Screw you, and your screw ball, guy.

If you want the Blitzball experience, buy a Blitzball, folks. Support the creator.










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  1. I’ve heard that the SwerveBall is not as sturdy and implodes much easier than the Blitzball.

    Blitzballs are terrific for a large ballfield or for including kids into the game, as the ball can be hit very far with little bat speed. I have used them for over 7 years for my tournaments.


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