Computer down!

So, one of my ram chip slots decided to take a five and the only replacement is a new logic board! Yay! Anyway, that’s my excuse for being a lame duck. Once the computer is back, I’ll get the fire vision review up and we will be back in business. On a side note, our host has been a bit spotty, so many reviews and emails haven’t made it through it seems. I’m working on it. Man, who knew that I’d have so many people wanting more wiffle goodness when I went down. Anyone want to take over a website!!?!

John’s outdone himself…again.

First, it was the 3d Google Sketchups of the historic fields, then it was deriving his own equation to convert baseball field dimensions into wiffle field dimensions, and finally it was the cloth mockup of a child’s glove.

Now, it’s this.

Dude’s got some skills.  Check out the attention to detail, the lacing, the cuts, it’s absolutely excellent.  I’m not sure if he’s ever going to sell them, but I’d start saving your pennies now if you’d want one for the future.  So, John, how about an adult version?!?


The Laziness Ends Now!

Alright, time to get on the up and up with you people.  I moved across the country, and got complacent.  I had a summer of very little Wiffle and a lot of lake time and running.  I feel dirty.  I feel like I’ve cheated you.  I feel like I should finally post some of the many things people have sent me that I said I would post, but haven’t posted yet.  I feel like what better time than spring of 2014 to begin to right my wrongs.

Please forgive me, fellow wifflers.  Here’s my attempt to save my soul.

While I’ve been away, we’ve seen several of you submit things you thought would be handy for wiffler’s to know about.  Here’s the recap from my inbox.

One of our users, Ryan, saw an excellent use of common space at Northeastern University in Boston.  Here are his pictures…this is how lazy I’ve been, these are from last June.  Sorry about that.  Regardless, an EXCELLENT job utilizing a common area for a common good.  Everybody loves wiffle, right?!?



Thanks Ryan, sorry I didn’t post these for almost a year!

Next up, the solution for the every man and his laziness.  Sean came up with the cure for bending over to pick up excess wiffle balls from batting/pitching practice.  It’s practical, it’s cheap, and it works amazingly well.  Here’s his description, straight from his email.

Figured you guys might like this cheap ball picker upper, (don’t know the actual name for it) Anyway its a 3″ ABS 45.5″ long and will collect 15 wiffle balls (baseball size). It has two holes drilled in the bottom of it with a zip tie running thru the hole, this keeps the balls from falling out.

Also, here’s a video of the picker doing it’s duty.  Seems like an excellent use of resources.

Sorry Sean, again, it took me a year…my bad.


Finally, John has sent me so many things I can’t even begin to get them all out here.  He’s definitely a pioneer in the wiffling world, here’s a picture of his backyard field. It utilizes the terrain, up to and including the peaks of the roof to create what I believe is one of the more innovative fields out there currently.  He even hung lights.  I’m sorry I missed you last summer, John on my way through the middle of the country, but if our paths cross again, I’d love to play on Keith Richards Field or James Brown Memorial.  Not only has John spent a ton of time building his own field, but he’s also taken time to draw out many other classic fields with wiffle-ized dimensions for other people to build off of.  Oh, and in order to wiffle-ize them, he created his own algorithm that converts baseball field dimensions into dimensions that would work universally in wiffle ball.  Oh…and he’s been hand-making prototype gloves to be used for wiffle ball.  I mean, seriously, this guy has been getting after it from day one, and I’ve been failing at getting his information out to you all.  Here are a few pictures he’s sent me, I’m sure there’ll be more in the future that I will get on the site way quicker than a year!  Thanks John for all you do for the game.

And here’s a gallery of the Sketchups he’s done of classic fields and converted for wiffle use.

Here is the gallery of images of hand-crafting a glove for wiffle use.

Pretty spectacular stuff John.

Well, if you couldn’t tell, I wasn’t doing a very good job keeping up on the site, but I am vowing to do better this spring and summer.  I hope that all of your seasons are awesome, and that you never stop playing.  I’ve received requests to review a couple more bats, and I am looking into making SAHDwiffle into something a bit more than it currently is.  I’ll keep you updated with changes.  Until then, keep wiffling/blitzing everybody!

Pink C271’s!

Thanks to Sean, we now know that some Walmart’s are carrying a pink version of the C271 Louisville bat for only $5! Go check yours out and get your wife a bat!


Moonshot KSCX Rev2 Bat Review

In a word, wow. This bat has swept me off of my feet.  The feel, the ability to drive the ball, the pop, the speed through the zone, the balance…hold on, I can’t breathe.

Okay, I’m back.  This bat is flat out phenomenal, and here’s why.  I go into a bat review with just about any bat with preconceived notions which often get proven true when testing the bat.  For example, with the Nerf bat, without seeing it, I figured it would be solid, but have a seriously toy feel; that it probably could be recommended, but wouldn’t necessarily be the best bat in the world.  What’s amazing about the KSCX Rev2 is that I went into the review thinking, “it will never live up to its $200 price tag.”  It did.  Boy, did it ever!

This bat took my thinking and kicked it to the curb.  Somehow, the Rev2 convinced me that $200 wasn’t much for what you were getting with this bat.  I like it significantly better than any other bat I’ve swung with Wiffle balls.  And with Blitzballs, forget about it, there isn’t a better combo out there.

I hate myself for saying this, but really, honestly, you may want to save your pennies and mow a few more lawns this summer, because this bat is THAT GOOD.  Forget about any other bat we’ve reviewed…even the first KSCX Revolution, I don’t even want to keep trying new bats, time to take a break and try to wrap my head around this thing.  Goodness gracious.  Well done, Moonshot.  Well done.

SAHDwiffle changes for your info

This summer, we have undergone some major changes at SAHDwiffle, and we wanted to let you know about them and let you know about why our replies and output this summer have lacked compared to previous years. Read further if you give a crap.

Being a stay at home dad has its advantages. You don’t have to go sit at a desk pretending to work all day long, you get to eat as many lunches as you want, and generally, the rules don’t apply to you. All in all, I’m not complaining. There are some drawbacks to this lifestyle however. When your spouse (the family breadwinner) gets a new job half a country away, you pack and drive a 26 foot truck to where you’re told.

With my relocation to Northern Colorado, and the fact that every other SAHDwiffler has stayed behind but most will also relocate in the near future, I am sad to say that SAHDwiffle is going to be a bit different. It’s not leaving, not by a longshot, but it will change. Casey and Jason have decided to take a bow and let the little birdy they’ve raised from an egg fly away into the Colorado sunset. And with that, I’m now in need of some new friends that may share in the plastic toy bat and ball game we all love so dearly. If you know anybody, feel free to let them know where to find me.

Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for the review that I’m finishing up on the road. It’s a good one, a damn good one, in fact, good enough it competes for the top spot all time. It’s the Moonshot KSCX Rev2, and mylanta I enjoy hitting that bat.

LocoBat Review

Since our inception two years ago, we’ve been waiting on the LocoBat to finish the upgrade that the website promised.  Well, we wait no more, and let me assure you, the wait was worth it!  This bat is awesome.  It’s a very clean mesh of a custom tooled wood handle place perfectly within a plastic “Screwball” bat barrel.  No screws, no tape, just a bunch of voodoo and witchcraft that turn these two pieces into one phenomenal bat.  And for $20?  You bet I have a new go to when someone asks me, “Chad, I have $20, which bat should I buy?”  It’s that good, ladies and gentlemen.  That.  Good.

Opening Day 2013

It’s finally here.  Well, it was finally here, a week ago.  And, it.  Was.  Awesome.  We had heard the rumor, from a fellow in Wyoming of all places, that Marshmallow Peeps are excellent fodder for Wiffle bat consumption and had to find out.  We separated out several boxes of Peeps and left some fresh, some slightly stale, and some were hard as rocks.  See the results for yourselves below.  Oh, and the Chinook helicopters?  Yeah, that actually happened, on purpose.  Eat your hearts out!  Happy spring, happy wiffling.

SAHDwiffle, out.