The “Jim” Method

One of our most involved users has been kind enough to send out some instructions and a couple of pictures of his recent Ripken bat modification.  The Ripken comes from the factory measuring in at 30″, however, Jim has managed to come up with a way to modify the length without sacrificing the good parts of the bat.

These are his instructions.

Here’s my first try at modding the Quickbat. As you can see from the pix it’s now slightly longer than my Louisville Slugger. I cut the knob off, inserted about 12″ of 3/4″ dowel and used a 4″ piece of 3/4″ abs to cover the dowel and fill in the gap in the handle. I secured it all together with glue and wood screws and then coated it all with aerosol Plastidip. I imagine the standard Plastidip would have worked better but I wanted to cover more of the handle. Cosmetically I may end up replacing the Plastidip with bat tape.

And here are the pictures he’s talking about.

















Jim has been a very solid resource for us thus far, and this is simply the best option we’ve seen for adding length to a short bat.  I’m sure he’d be happy to answer any questions in the comments below, so make sure to leave them here.

Thanks again, Jim.


Moonshot KSCX Review

You kept asking.  And asking.  And asking.  So, we decided it was time to review a Moonshot bat.  This is typically far out of our realm, however, we haven’t ever let you down yet, and we weren’t about to start.  Our Moonshot tested well at 36″ and had a very consistent pop off of the barrel.  Speaking of, the barrel, is HUGE.  It’s a 2.75 inch barrel that seems to extent from the handle to eternity.  As far as distance goes, we compared this bat with the Louisville C271 and the Nerf Swerve, and the results were as expected.  A wiffle ball can only go so far.  The maximum distance was fairly even, however, the consistency with which this maximum distance was reached was far more with the Moonshot.  Overall, this bat is phenomenal…if you can afford it.  As Casey puts it, “it turns singles into doubles, doubles into triples, and triples into homeruns.”  If you happen to be in a competitive league and have an extra $200, this is the best bat we’ve tested.  If your teammates all want to pitch in to get one, it’s probably worth your money.  It’s difficult, however, to recommend this bat over the Louisville, or Blitzball bat, for the backyard user, simply because of the cost.  Enjoy the video, and as usual, shoot us comments or questions and we’ll get back to you ASAP.  Happy wiffling.

Big Jack Bat

Some of you have been chomping at the bit trying to figure out when our next bat review was coming.  Well…chomp no more.  May we present…the Big Jack.  This bat is an over the top type of bat.  So much so that we couldn’t stop chuckling watching each other swing it.  It’s certainly a toy, but it has value in blasting the ball.  If you’re into home run derby type contests, then perhaps you should give it a look.  For $25, there are definitely bats that will out-perform the Big Jack, but none will do it with such ridiculous styling and egregious claims.  Head on over to Amazon to give it a look.

Ripken Quickbat Review

We’re back at it with a review of the Ripken Quickbat.  Someone on YouTube suggested that we give it a try and wow…we’re glad we did.  Although it’s a very short bat, at 30″, it shines in all aspects of hitting.  If Ripken added three inches, I fear I’d be changing my favorite from the Louisville C271.  Have a look at the video review, and as always, let us know what you think in the comments, the bat chart is updated.  Happy wiffling.

We need to know…

One of our regular site viewers, Ryan, sent a picture looking for help id’ing a bat he found at a garage sale.  He says it’s about 30″.  Anyone ever seen this bat?  Anyone have experience with this bat?  Know where we can get our hands on one?  Let us know in the comments or via email (  As always, happy wiffling.


Junk Ball Revolution

You asked, we delivered.  We’d like to present to you, the much anticipated review of Junk Ball’s new offering, the Revolution.  If I’m asked to sum it up in one word, the word is, “nope.”  I’d seriously steer clear of this $15 bat with a ball that anyone would laugh at.  It’s very much a toy, and there are better options for skinny bats at the $6 mark (read: the classic Wiffle bat).  Attached is the video, the chart is updated.  Happy wiffling.

New Bat Chart

Aloha, and happy wiffle season to you.  We’ve been toying with a few new ideas around here and thought we’d better give this a go.  With ten reviewed bats under the belt and many more to come, we needed a universal grading method.  I’d like to present to you, “The Bat Chart”.  It’s really nothing too fancy, but it is a nice way to see what we think of one bat in comparison to another.  Please critique and make suggestions so we can improve it for your use.

In the future, click on “bats” in the menu bar and it’ll take you straight there.  Go get em, kids!

Bat NamePriceLengthPop (out of 10)Distance (out of 10)Handle/Grip/Feel (out of 10)Total Score (out of 30)
Moonshot KSCX Rev2$20035", 35.5", 36"1091029
Moonshot KSCX$20035", 35.5", 36"1081028
Blitzball Bat$2233"87924
Louisville Slugger C271 (Ken Griffey Jr. Bat)$18
Palisades Wiffle - GTSOH$3534, 35, or 36"87823
Easton Pro Stix 1000$1533"87823
Nerf Swerve$1432"87823
Ripken Quickbat$1430"98623
Junk Ball (Standard Bat)$10
Marucci Wiffle Stick$3032" but custom sizing is allowed.751022
Big Jack Bat$25
MLB Powerhouse Grey Bat$734"67518
Original Yellow Wiffle Bat$532"65617
Nerf Fire Vision$20
Junk Ball Revolution$16
MLB Slurve Bat$13
Classic Sports Sandlot Stick$6 (Dick's Sporting Goods)30"53210

New Look

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve got a new look.  Here’s an overview of the changes that have been made.

The number of bats we’ve reviewed at this point has become large enough to make housing them on a single page impractical.  You’ll notice there is now a “bats” menu where you can click on any bat that we’ve reviewed and get a more concise, uniform review of each bat.  Have a look, and let us know what else we should be doing to improve the site.

There is a sidebar on the right that has some valuable information:  there are links to some of our favorite sites, a tag cloud to get you to posts you want to read quickly, searchable archives, and recent comments.

Finally, we got rid of that awful front page look that had four frames that never worked right and bad menus.

Feels good, feels fresh, feels like a new season of whipping up on Casey and Jason.

As always, happy wiffling.


Oh yeah, no more ads.  Those things suck.

Palisades Wiffle Ball League – GTSOH Bat Review

Boom!  Just like that, the first review of 2012 for is none other than the initial bat offering from Palisades.  This is the official bat of the Palisades Wiffle League, and for darn good reason.  They’ve taken a unique approach to selling a bat by pre-modifying it for the consumer.  This means that you pay, and receive a bat that’s already excellent with no work required on your part. Have a look at the video and read Casey’s review for more info.