Welcome to the 2012 Season!

The guys here at SAHDwiffle are ecstatic that the warm weather has found it’s way to northeast Ohio.  We’ve got a lot of plans laid out for the season including gear reviews, tournament appearances, and being featured as the go to pitching instructors for the Great Canadian Wiffle Classic.  To start things off, here’s a teaser.  Happy wiffling, and stay tuned for a lot of new content!


SAHDwiffle.com Public Service Announcement

We don’t make any money operating this site, so please understand that this is not a sponsored message.  I was having a look at some statistics from the site and was flabbergasted at the sheer number of people using Internet Explorer.  Please, do yourselves a favor and go get Chrome, or at least Firefox.  Both of these browsers are far faster, stable, and more secure than Internet Explorer, there’s really no comparison.  So get it done.  No excuse now!  This message was not paid for by anyone, so seriously, help me help you!


And, we’re back!

The weather isn’t quite cooperating, but it’ll dry out eventually.  We’ve got three bats lined up for review as soon as possible; the GTSOH bat by Palisades Wiffleball, the Screwball bat, and the “Casey special”, he’s being pretty secretive as he is quite excited about it!

In other news, we were interviewed by Justin, the Owner/Presenter of an independent radio show called, “The Justin Wayne Show,” based in London, England.  We’re bringing wiffleball to the world!  Here is a link to the show we’re on, we start at 35:55.  Enjoy, and happy wiffling!  Start stretching out those arms!

Closed for the Season

As you’ve all probably notice, we’ve shut her down for the season.  Winter doesn’t exactly take it easy around these parts, so we’ll hoist our favorite eggnog and sing our favorite songs, in hopes that the Spring comes soon.  We look forward to getting back at it when the rains stop in the Spring.  Godspeed wifflers, and to all a good night.

User Submission

Bonus points to Jon for engineering the most creative strike zone we’ve seen to date.  He took our instructions and ran with them.  His description said that he had difficulty finding sheet metal in an appropriate size so he found four pieces and linked them using zip ties.  To me, it’s absolutely beautiful.  The back is painted black, the front is chrome (no picture unfortunately), but he says the chrome looks great.  Also, take a good look and you’ll see his iteration of our fence recommendation as well.

Jon, you’re winning all day!  Happy wiffling, let us know how things go!

SAHDwiffle, a history.

We weren’t always good.  Okay, to be fair, we’ve never been good.  Let’s start again.  We weren’t always mediocre.  It took months of arduous practice (read: failure), to yield the results that we’ve posted on the site.  Casey was able to wrangle up some old video of us on day one of our wiffle ball venture.  Thank goodness for the iPhone 3gs, not to be confused with the iPhone 4 (Casey can’t afford that).  Without further adieux, I present, SAHDwiffle, a history.

This one’s quick, better play it a few times.


Yeah, so, just Wiffle ball wasn’t cutting it anymore (or, we had enough requests), so we finally did a Blitzball review.  I must tell you that it’s seriously impressive.  After giving it a go, we’re certain that both Wiffle and Blitzball can co-exist peacefully in the world of backyard bat and ball sports.  Blitzball affords those with a little more baseball background (or in Jason’s case, pedigree) a bit more creativity.  The Blitzball moves like a baseball, and is easier to control.  We actually found that moving our mound back to 45 feet from 40 provided the best combination of hitting and pitching.

Another serious reason to take a good look at the Blitzball is this, you can buy a bat/ball starter combo for $22 (bat, 2 blitzballs, instructional DVD).  The thing is, the bat is the exact bat you get from buying a Ken Griffey bat, but in blue.  So, to summarize, for $1 less, you get the same bat as the Louisville C271, two new Blitzballs AND an instructional DVD.  It’s my new favorite recommendation for the question, “I have twenty bucks for bat/ball sports gear, what should I buy?” In my opinion, this purchase is a no-brainer if you want a great bat, because it gives you the opportunity to expand your game.

Blitzball is here to stay, the company is growing quickly and I believe that it’s going to build itself into a long time player in the backyard of America.  Check out the article in Wiffler’s Digest that examines the Blitzball through an interview with the owner/founder.

Happy wiffling blitzing.








Featured Image from http://collegehillgames.com/

User Contribution

Through our short time putting info up for everyone, we’ve run into quite a few nice wifflers.  Occasionally we get great techniques and awesome ideas, and Ryan was no exception.  He sent us a great bit of info regarding a very effective way to modify your bat for a little more pop.  Thanks for the contribution, Ryan.