New Videos

Hey everyone, just finished cutting up some more video for your entertainment/educational use. If you have questions, comments, or just general heckling, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Introducing Andy

Andy is a west coast import who’s most famous for swinging at, and missing a screwball that wound up striking him in the jewels.  When he’s not working late into the night making sure all is right with the oral health of America, it’s not too difficult to find him, as he’s often enjoying a bucket of Popeyes chicken in my dining room.  Andy has shown flashes of brilliance in the wiffle game and I’m sure he’ll be around for the long haul.

Introducing Justin

Justin just completed his first ever game at SAHDwiffle field, and I must say, he turned in quite the performance.  3 for 5 with two extra base hits highlights his potential as a fully vested member of the SAHDwiffle club.  Problem is…he’s darn busy.  Here’s to hoping we’ll get you out for another game, Justin!

Introducing Syris

Syris comes to us from a land far away…Scotland to be exact.  He spent a little time over there edumacating himself in the ways of hippyism.  Aside from that, he’s a newbie to wiffle, but has shown great potential.  With a gorilla-like wingspan of 17 feet, his pitching upside is insane.  Welcome to the big show, Syris.

New Media

We’ve put another video up on our site as well as on our YouTube channel. Thanks to Casey for putting it together. The video is of highlights of a recent impromptu game we had at “The Shooting Gallery”. It’s a nice mix of myself (Chad), Casey, Jason, and Aaron hitting and pitching. Have a look. Happy wiffling.

Introducing Casey

Casey is a fellow stay at home dad (SAHD) who originally came up with the idea of us playing wiffle ball.  Of all of us, I’d say his addiction to the game, or rather, buying all the gear is the strongest.  A lack of playing time drove Casey to recently build another field in his sideyard dubbed ‘The Shooting Gallery’.  He can often be found throwing bullpen sessions and really drilling down his next pitch to stump the rest of us with…but only during nap time!

Introducing Jason

Jason is a working man, but he’s been adopted into the SAHDwiffle club anyway.  We don’t judge.  Mostly known for arriving late to games and getting out of there before he has to help clean up, Jason provides a nice change of pace from the typical SAHD wiffler.  It is rare to see Jason play without his “red juice” in hand (to properly “Juice” you will need 1 part Vodka to 2 parts Cranberry).  Good thing we don’t do any fielding whatsoever.  Jason is also the guy hosting this website for us, so if you’re bored, give him a shout out in the comment threads for allowing you to view all this wiffle info.

Introducing Chad

As a baseball player for nearly every moment of my life, the realization that I could no longer play competitively hit hard (pun intended).  I didn’t want to be finished playing baseball, and as the years rolled by, other things took the place of the game.  Two kids later, with a wife that’s busier than I’d ever imagined, I found a friend, and this game, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Favorite Bat – Louisville Slugger C271 with a taped handle

Favorite Pitch – Hard Slider

Thanks for checking us out everyone.  We appreciate you looking through the site.

SAHD Wiffle…a History

It all started when Casey suggested we view this video.  From then on, our wives continually rolled their eyes while we purchased every piece of wiffle ball equipment we could get our hands on.  From nothing but a few internet suggestions, we developed SAHD wiffle.  The game can be played and modified to suit your needs.  Our version is based on inexpensive entertainment while still performing at high levels.  Enjoy your game, let us know how you do it!