Since we’re SAHDs and all…

We thought it was high time to give you this information we received from a site user.  Bradon has a four year old son that likes to play wiffle ball with his Dad, but a four year old has a darn hard time swinging a 34 inch bat.  The solution?  Make your own bat with a real tee-ball bat handle, and a chopped, epoxy’d, and foamed Easton Pro Stix 1000.  Here are Bradon’s instructions.

I had an old t-ball bat cut down and the post was sanded enough to jamb it into the end of the Easton. You can see that the Bat End was shopped and then a portion of the bat was used to sleeve the End Cap back on. The bat was filled with foam and then drilled out. Cool little bat.

You’ll see that he “had a t-ball bat cut down” and didn’t try to do this himself.  People, please leave the heavy lifting to the pros.  When you finish, you just might wind up with something as cool as this.

Thanks, Bradon!  And happy wiffling!

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  1. At first, it made me wince at the sight of my beloved Easton Pro Stix 1000 to be cut like that, but the end result is very nice. Even considering doing one for my girls for the summer…that is if we have one. 8 inches of snow here in Minnesota last night. 🙁

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