SAHDwiffle changes for your info

This summer, we have undergone some major changes at SAHDwiffle, and we wanted to let you know about them and let you know about why our replies and output this summer have lacked compared to previous years. Read further if you give a crap.

Being a stay at home dad has its advantages. You don’t have to go sit at a desk pretending to work all day long, you get to eat as many lunches as you want, and generally, the rules don’t apply to you. All in all, I’m not complaining. There are some drawbacks to this lifestyle however. When your spouse (the family breadwinner) gets a new job half a country away, you pack and drive a 26 foot truck to where you’re told.

With my relocation to Northern Colorado, and the fact that every other SAHDwiffler has stayed behind but most will also relocate in the near future, I am sad to say that SAHDwiffle is going to be a bit different. It’s not leaving, not by a longshot, but it will change. Casey and Jason have decided to take a bow and let the little birdy they’ve raised from an egg fly away into the Colorado sunset. And with that, I’m now in need of some new friends that may share in the plastic toy bat and ball game we all love so dearly. If you know anybody, feel free to let them know where to find me.

Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for the review that I’m finishing up on the road. It’s a good one, a damn good one, in fact, good enough it competes for the top spot all time. It’s the Moonshot KSCX Rev2, and mylanta I enjoy hitting that bat.

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  1. Best of luck at your new home Chad. I’m sure the site will still be amazing. Glad to see the Moonshot review.
    BTW, did you get my email about the Northeastern pics? You have my permission to throw them on the page if you wish…

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