Holy cow!

My mind just got blown.  John is a user with a history of providing neat things for us. He’s given us a formula devised to create wiffle sized fields out of big league dimensions, a bunch of stadium draw ups for people curious on how large to build replicas, a hand made child’s wiffle glove, and now this.

John, seriously, great work dude.  What a novel concept and one that I would be very excited to explore once I come across a few more friends in Colorado!


8 Replies to “Holy cow!”

  1. That’s pretty sweet. Must be something you have to experience to understand because trying to imagine the light ball feeling “real” breaks my brain.

    1. No doubt about it. Have to feel t to understand. That’s why I sounded so giddy during the review. Pretty cool stuff. My understanding is that he’s working on version 3 currently. When I know more, so will you.

  2. Currently working on v3, it is still a bunch of drawings. It is based on v1, because v2 looks the part, but is still too rigid and the ball bounces out occasionally. it catches Blitzballs with less bounce-out than Wiffle Balls, though. More updates as research continues.


    1. Just received another glove in the mail to look at. Pretty neat stuff. Gonna try to get it videoed today. When it’s ready, I’ll put it up.

    1. We never did sell these. John works on them in his spare time, which right now, he has very little of. If we ever got to selling them, we’d be sure to let you know.

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