Price:  $20 (LocoBat)
Construction:  2 piece; Single piece wood handle; Screwball plastic barrel

Pros:  Everybody loves the screwball barrel, and the LocoBat makes great use of it.  The process by which they make the handles ensures a phenomenal fit with the barrel and an extremely solid feel.  It’s uncanny how well done this bat is.  Excellent pop, awesome distance, fantastic looks.

Cons:  The sticker sucks.  Took three swings for ours to fly off, but seriously, if you’re concerned about a sticker, go get a Junkball bat or something.

Grade:  A+ (Chad’s favorite, Joe’s favorite)





9 Replies to “LocoBat”

  1. Word of advice. Keep the Loco bat out of the heat or the barrel and bat become a useless soft plastic mush. We have the C271, Easton Prostick and Loco. Withing 1 month and one hot game the Loco was rendered useless. Keep it in a cooler if not the shade then home in the AC. We had to spray foam cork it and electrical tape the whole barrel for it to be worth of using again. Awesome bat, durability not so much. We play fast pitch as well and also had a loss of bat speed which resulted in more K’s with the Loco. We all went back to old trusty. The C271.

    1. Awesome advice, Nick. Thanks for the heads up. We don’t play for long enough with each bat to really get a feel for durability and longevity in the heat. I’ll make a note of it in the write up. I appreciate the feedback!

  2. Which bat do you guys prefer:The Loco Bat,or Ripken Quickbat?The Loco Bat is longer but less distance,and the Quickbat is shorter,but more distance

  3. I have tried to like this bat, but for some reason it does not appeal to me…can someone tell me why it dominates other bats? Because I’ve encountered many issues. For example, all the weight is in the handle. The awkwardness when you swing is noticable.Generally in order for the bat to have swing speed, the weight must be in the barrel. Second, the bat is huge(2 3/8 in barrel) and long(36in). Have you ever swung an open umbrella? The LocoBat is similar in that way, like the air catches it mid-swing. Third, pop.That “dong” sound when the ball makes contact … I don’t know how to describe it. Just doesn’t sound natural for a WiffleBall bat. If someone here ever modified an original, they would know what that high-pitched “crack” sounds like. Like you broke the ball, yet it travels 120+ feet. Lastly, distance. Back to the modified yellow, when hit correctly it soars up in the air, and travels far at the same time. The Loco, however, makes the ball appear to drop in the air, like someone’s actually throwing a drop. Yes, it does not do this all the time, just when you hit the ball squarely and is a line-drive. I am not saying I hate this bat, I just believe(my opinion) that there are better out there, like a Ripken or C271…for the sake of owning a Screwball, I reccomend buying just the barrel. That way you can pack/modify it so you get the length you want, better feel,bat speed,distance,pop….The only problem is you’ll have to make the handle on your own, and screw it into the bat. But there are plenty of options like dowels at Home Depot, or if you own an unused wooden Baseball bat, then cut off that handle…otherwise not a good bat when unmodified. Anyone let me know their opinion as well to convince me otherwise…Happy Wiffling!

    1. I agree that the bat isn’t for everyone, but when we hit them, we bring out all the bats and hit them side by side before making our ratings. We have been told that this bat performs less well when it sits in the sun as the plastic gets too soft, too quickly. As far as a custom bat is concerned though, I’ve yet to come across a bat as well put together as this one. For being two pieces it hits like one. As far as the handle being weighty, that’s why it fell behind both moonshots, but that’s a whole different level. I think for the price point, there’s some really nice things to be said about the Louisville, the Blitzball, the nerf, the gtsoh, and the loco. The difficulty is that bats are very subjective, either you like he feel or you don’t. Thanks for your well thought out reply. Always good to have quality discussion.

      Happy wiffling.

  4. I have a GTSOH Bat and am really wanting to get this bat. Is it really worth spending 20 bucks to get this bat when I already have the GTSOH?

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