Interested in a bat?  Curious about the pros and cons of each?  Want to know the vitals?  That’s what we’re here for.  The following is a list of bats that we have reviewed.  Feel free to look around, and as always, questions and comments are welcome.  Click on a bat name to have a look at more detailed information.

Bat Chart

This chart is designed to give you a quick look into how bats compare with one another.  Let us know how you feel in the comments and we can banter accordingly. Keep in mind that we’re using “stock” bats for our comparisons. Our review videos may be a little different than what these scores show. A great example of this is the MLB Powerhouse Grey Bat, if modified, it’s great, if not, it blows donkey nuts. Good talk.

Bat NamePriceLengthPop (out of 10)Distance (out of 10)Handle/Grip/Feel (out of 10)Total Score (out of 30)
Moonshot KSCX Rev2$20035", 35.5", 36"1091029
Moonshot KSCX$20035", 35.5", 36"1081028
Blitzball Bat$2233"87924
Louisville Slugger C271 (Ken Griffey Jr. Bat)$18
Palisades Wiffle - GTSOH$3534, 35, or 36"87823
Easton Pro Stix 1000$1533"87823
Nerf Swerve$1432"87823
Ripken Quickbat$1430"98623
Junk Ball (Standard Bat)$10
Marucci Wiffle Stick$3032" but custom sizing is allowed.751022
Big Jack Bat$25
MLB Powerhouse Grey Bat$734"67518
Original Yellow Wiffle Bat$532"65617
Nerf Fire Vision$20
Junk Ball Revolution$16
MLB Slurve Bat$13
Classic Sports Sandlot Stick$6 (Dick's Sporting Goods)30"53210

Reviewed Bats

Standard Bats (Bats with a normal baseball/softball style barrel)

Moonshot KSCX Revolution


Louisville C271 (Ken Griffey Jr. Bat)

Blitzball Bat

Palisades WBL GTSOH 36″

MLB Powerhouse Grey Bat

Junk Ball Bat

Nerf Swerve Bat

Easton Pro Stix 1000

Classic Sports Sandlot Stick

Cal Ripken Quickball Bat


Skinny Bats (Bats with a skinny barrel)

Original Yellow Wiffle Bat

Junk Ball Revolution

MLB Slurve Bat

Marucci Wiffle Stick


Absurd/Quirky Bats

Big Jack Bat

46 Replies to “Bats”

  1. what bat would you suggest for power if you tape up the ball using duck tape to make the ball heavier and easier to throw? and you should test the NJWA Superbat

    1. Tough call, mg. If the ball is heavier and is presumably coming in a little faster, that is a great deal more force exerted upon the bat. I’d go for something very solid. If I’m recommending a bat, I’d say the Louisville C271, or the Blitzball Bat would fare the best. Although, you’re taking a big risk with breaking a bat. Good luck. Also, thanks for the recommendation, I’ve contacted NJWA, hopefully we can work something out.

  2. Me and my friends are pretty hard swingers and i was watching you video and wondering is the link for the easton bad the good durable one

    1. It’s definitely the most sturdy plastic bat we’ve evaluated. The NERF Swerve is also sturdy, but it has a tendency to crack on the logo. If you need a sturdy plastic bat, use the C271, or blitzball bat. They are identical, Blitzball is blue, however.

  3. My friends and I have a pretty intense backyard wiffle ball league and I was looking for a bat with big pop. Now we already have the Ken Griffey Jr. bat and I wanted a second quality bat, so would you suggest the Ripken bat if we are using regular wiffle balls?

    1. Hey Mike. The Ripken bat may very well be that bat that you’re after. We really liked it, and it provided plenty of pop. I tend to compare just about everything to the Louisville, and I still prefer it, but for a second quality bat, you won’t go wrong with the Ripken. Keep in mind that the bat is about 30″ so it may be better suited for a medium pitch or slow pitch league. Enjoy.

    1. Big Jack bat will be up within the week. I finished editing the video on the airplane this week. Just a voiceover and it’ll be complete. Following that, we’ve just taken ownership of a Marucci wood wiffle bat and we’re expecting a Moonshot. Stay tuned, I promise we’ll keep the content coming.

  4. I just started a wiffle ball league in my neighborhood that uses the normal 8 hole wiffle ball. It is amajor lob league so there is nothing even close to medium speed. My friend has the nerf bat but i was wondering if the ken griffey bat would do a little better then the nerf swerve.

    1. We do a slow pitch homerun derby occasionally. If it’s any indication, I hit 17 homeruns with 10 outs with the Louisville, and the next nearest competitor (using a Swerve) hit 6. It’s probably more a case of luck than anything, but I think that both Casey and Jason will agree that the Louisville is the bat to go with when you’re hitting for consistent distance.

    1. We actually took our first swings on camera with it today. I have to cut up footage and we’ll post a video review of the Moonshot KSCX within a week. Hope that helps. Happy wiffling.

  5. I am looking for a bat for my wiffle ball league and I already have the C271 bat, nerf swerve, powerhouse, and the junk ball bat. What would you recommend as a bat with a lot of pop?

    1. At this point you’ve got most bases covered. The additional amount of pop off of the bat is negligible. If you’re really interested in getting something new, you could look into the Palisades GTSOH or get yourself a moonshot. Another option may be modifying a Ripken bat to a length you’d like as it provides an excellent feel on the ball. Finally, of you like what you’ve got already and just need a change of pace, a Blitzball bat is identical to a C271 but it’s blue. Hope this helps. If you have any more specifics influencing your decision, let us know so we can help further. Happy wiffling.

  6. Hi. Me and my friend have been considerably serious wiffleball players for the last couple years. This year we plan on building a field (thanks for the instructions by the way). We are not really looking to spend 200 for a moonshot. I see the Lousville and Blitzball bats are the favorites. What’s your recommendation for bats that have enough pop and durability to last all summer? I’ve heard a lot about the Superbad but know nothing about it. thanks

    1. I don’t think you could go wrong with either the Blitzball or Griffey, however, we are about to review another promising bat in the LocoBat. As far as what we’ve seen, you have excellent choices in the Blitzball and Griffey. Best of luck. Keep your eyes peeled for more stuff and as always, happy wiffling!

  7. Is a C271/Blitzball going to be more sturdy and durable than a Loco Bat in the long-run? And thanks for all the helpful reviews and videos Chad!

    1. I think it could be, and the reasoning is that one piece plastic like the C271 and the Blitzball bat are much less resistant to changes from heating and cooling since the entire bat expands and contracts at the same rate. A two piece bat with a wood handle when exposed to the same elements might face a more difficult time maintaining it’s integrity because wood and plastic are very different materials that respond differently to things like heat, moisture, and humidity.

  8. I have a 20-30$ price range to what I’m looking for I want pop and want the bat to feel comfortable I’m 13 and am used to a MLB powerhouse I thought it was the best bat ever but after seeing the reviews can I have some help ? I’m gonna be using original wiffle balls and want something really bad please help me ASAP

    1. I would suggest the Loco Bat. Sahd’s did a review recently of the bat . It is 20$ which fits your price range,and has AMAZING pop and distance.The bat has been upgraded also by the company.You should check It out.

  9. Hey I was wondering if you could do a review on the Nerf FireVision bat, as it looks to be a pretty good bat but it’s not the same as the Nerf Swerve bat. You should do a review on the balls as well since they come in the pack.

  10. Do you guys think you could make a bat review for the new Nerf Firevision Bat? I’m not sure if I want to buy it and want to know what you think of it. Thanks!

    1. Hey Paul. Funny thing. I just imported the video footage to my computer. Just have to edit and post the review video. Here’s the short version. Do you want a bat to play wiffle ball with? If so, choose another bat.

      1. I already have the C271 and the MLB Powerhouse which I put the foam in. I was just curious about that nerf one because the original nerf bat was pretty good. Thanks and I look forward to seeing the review!

  11. Would it be possible to add the circumference or diameter of each bat? We have a 7″ circumference imit in our league. Most people modify the original yellow bats but I am wondering if one of these would be an option.

    1. Hey Josh. Indeed it would be possible. It’ll take me a little time though. Are there any bats you’re particularly interested and I can measure them sooner than later for you.

      1. It would be helpful to have anything between the yellow wiffle ball bat and the Moonshot bats. They are a little more than i would spend.

        1. I went a did a little homework and found some of the information.
          Loco Bat- 2.375″ or 2 3/8″ Diameter 7.46 Circumference
          Blitzball Bat-?
          Louisville Slugger C271- 2.75″ or 2 3/4″ Diameter 8.63″ Circumference
          Palisades Wiffle GTSOH- 2.5″ or 2 1/2″ Diameter 7.85″ Circumference
          Easton Pro Stix 1000- ?
          Nerf Swerve- 2.4″ 7.53 Circumference
          Ripkin Quickbat-?
          Junkball Bat-?
          Marucci Wifflestick-?
          Big Jack Bat-? Looks Huge
          MLB Powerhouse-?
          If anyone could fill the rest of these that would be great.

          1. I’m working on it, I promise. Trying to get diameters from Casey in Ohio. Give him time. In the meanwhile, here are diameters for what I’ve got on hand.

            Blitzball is same mold as C271, so it’s a 2.75″ diameter.
            GTSOH, Screwball, and Loco are all same at 2.5″
            Marucci Wifflestick – 1 5/16″ diameter
            Classic yellow wiffleball bat – 1 9/16″ diameter
            Flaghouse Bat (not reviewed yet) – 2 5/16″ diameter
            Nerf Firevision (not reviewed yet) – 1 7/8″ diameter

            I’ll let you know when Casey gets back to me.

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