Price/Acquisition Method:  $3 each.
Construction:  Two piece; rigid plastic; geometric layout

Pros:  This ball can be hit a mile (we successfully hit 195 feet on our field).  The design is brilliant, the construction is brilliant.  It cannot be compared to a wiffle ball because it’s an entirely different feel.  Pitches are thrown in a very similar fashion to a real baseball.  Break is consistent, movement is predictable.

Cons:  We haven’t found one yet.  Okay, here’s one, it hurts like a mother when you get beaned because it comes in a bit quicker than a wiffle ball.

Grade:  A

16 Replies to “Blitzball”

  1. Just got my four pack of these delivered the other day. Your review is right on. I would go a step further and say that using these balls with the Griffey bat is borderline dangerous. A line drive back at the pitcher provides zero reaction time. Combine that with the fact that the balls take left/right/up/down turns off the bat due to crazy spin and it gets a bit scary to throw anything but gas to a batter.

    I may only play with a blitzball/yellow wiffle bat combination. Even then, it hurts to get pegged!

    1. I agree. It’s a bit scary taking a liner back at your head. The balls are excellent, however. Super cool experience. Let us know how yellow/bat and blitzball goes. Good luck.

  2. I just got my Blitz Balls…….very cool looking but they are nothing like a wiffle ball…
    they look like a kids science school project rather then a back yard baseball…or better yet…it looks like im holding KRYPTONITE from outter space….the package should say for children 21+ becase it feels like your throwing a CINDER BLOCK……

    .and if your batting……wear hockey equipment because you don’t want to get hit with this ball.
    I give the Blitz Ball a C+

      1. No sweat. I understand the frustration. We’re just a couple of dudes trying to provide our opinions for the betterment of the wiffle world. Not some big conglomerate in charge of all things wiffle in the world. Thanks for owning up. I’ll take care of the comments, but know that we don’t censor people’s opinions. If you’ve got one, by all means share it.

  3. Peter, sorry you’re not as big of a fan of the Blitzball as we are. We appreciated that it was different and enabled the user to go with more of a baseball style pitch than a wiffle ball does. How much time have you given it to play with?

    1. Depends on what part of the country you’re in. We’ve been told by other site visitors that Blitzballs can be found in many Scheel’s Sporting Goods stores, but aside from that, it’s on an order basis. Best of luck, Paul. And happy Blitzing!

    1. The bat is the exact same except it’s blue. You’d get the same experience with the Griffey bat, but we always like having variety in our bats, so we have both. Your call. Best of luck!

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