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      1. Hey Joe. We’re in the process of figuring something out. We got two Easton Big Stix 1000 (identified as the same bat) that both broke in the first twenty swings. We just picked up another that appears to be of much higher quality (harder plastic, less wobble, different hues of gold on black, and different injection site for the plastic mold), which we haven’t reviewed yet. Our plan is to review the remainder of our bats tomorrow and post them no later than Monday on the site/YouTube channel. I’m guessing this bat is from the better batch as the picture looks more like our ‘better’ version of Easton, however, we can’t be sure until I call the supplier and find out. I’ll keep you posted.

          1. Hey Joe, I spoke with Baseball Rampage, the company that has that Easton Pro Stix Trainer Set for $10. I informed him of the two versions of the bat that we’ve seen and he had no idea. He didn’t currently have any in stock so could not check the bat version, however he suggested that anyone ordering should call prior to ordering and he’d check on it. Things that are different on the good bat. The endcap of the bat has the injection site for the mold process (a little hole), the endcap is also concave instead of convex. Hope this helps. Check out how far we were hitting the good one in the video on the bat reviews section, or on YouTube at our channel sahdwiffle. Thanks.

  1. hey guys , awesome site! I am starting up a wiffle ball league in Toronto. 500 grand prize to the team who wins. 12 teams per tournament 4 tournaments a year. fyi. if you have any ideas on how I should make it it better flick me a note!

    Eric aka Sticks

    1. Eric,

      As you can see, we didn’t get your message until recently. We SAHDwifflers are kind of like bears in the winter, we sleep a lot and finally get around to doing things in the Spring. Have you got a website yet? That’s a good start. Link up a Twitter account, Facebook page and website (could absolutely be a freebie from WordPress or similar). Get some viewers and keep stats, we’re about to review a stats app designed for Wiffle called “Big League”. Take videos, take pictures, call the local news, get word out and it’ll grow. Good luck, keep us posted.

  2. Hey guys great site.
    Been looking for a way to start a league here. I do three tournaments a year, but I mention a league and no one shows. My idea is to try 1 vs 1like you guys. Can you send me your rules. Looking at field.measurements and stuff.

      1. Do you know if you can still buy Louisville’s online? I recall seeing them on Amazon via Cannon Sports, but it looks like they are sold out? Want to try one against my Easton’s. 🙂

          1. Thanks, you are the best. Looking forward to the Moonshot review. Any update on the SAHD t-shirts?

        1. Replying to this comment because we’re out of replies on the end of the comment chain. Still no word on SAHD t shirts. If you’re really interested, I can get a high-res logo and you can order a shirt for yourself. That is, unless the other dudes object, I’ll run it by them. Online screen printing sites will run you about $15-20 for a custom shirt. Would you like me to look into it?

  3. That would be coo, unless it is nixed by the other guys. I’ve got a local guy that could whip one up for me.

      1. Cool, just saw this. Thanks.

        I’ve got a few PDF’s that our graphic designer did for our field if you want me to send to you. Let me know and I can fire off today.

        Thanks again,


  4. Dear Wiffleballers,

    Are you ready to have the most FUN you can have in one day! Well your in luck the 14th Annual London Wiffleball Tourney is coming soon, so take a few minutes and read the info below and then go to our website at to get our the rules, registration, pics, stats, and a whole lot more for this exciting fundraiser. “You and your friends will not be disappointed in our custom and unique playing fields” also if you like hitting tons of Home Runs this is the place to be!

    Host: London Wiffleball Tournament “4 on 4” (Brian Wheeler)
    Location: Bogenrife Farm (Same location as last years tournament.) 5005 St.
    Route 38 SW, London, OH 43140
    When: Saturday, July 14th, 2012 8:00am
    Phone: 614-561-7247
    Cost: $100.00 per Team

    Your team is invited to the 14th Annual 2012 London Wiffleball Tournament. Here is
    the format for this years tourney, 4 round robin games. All teams will make
    the playoffs (Playoffs will be a Single Elimination Tournament, meaning all teams will be guaranteed 5 games this year.) and be seeded by how well they did during round robin play. Sun. July 8th will be Build a Field Day and afterwards will be the All-Star Game. The Adult
    Tourney will take place on Sat. July 14th. Also we will have our Home Run
    Derby Contest with all the teams being represented again this year.

    Prizes to include: 1st & 2nd Place Trophies and T-shirts, Home Run Derby Prizes
    and much more.

    So PLEASE get your registration back to me ASAP so your
    team does not miss out on the fun. The team entry fee will be $100 per team.
    You can pay by sending your entry fee to this address:
    66 W. High Street Suite C. London, Ohio 43140 and
    please make the check payable to Brian Wheeler. For more details, questions, or
    concerns please email me at or call me at 614-561-7247.
    Please check the website for more updates.

    Brian Wheeler

  5. Just wanted to thank you guys for the great reviews! They are dead on! Coming from Canada most people dont have thr appreciation for wiffleball or baseball like the USA does.

    None the less, with a little bit of extra shipping fees and constant seller contact, we get most products reviewed on the site.

    Thanks again, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    1. Rocco,

      Glad they are a help to you. We found that when we started playing, there wasn’t a very good spot to find information about wiffle ball gear. We have sought out to make it a place that people can trust, and your kind words mean a great deal. Thanks for taking the time to let us know. Take good care.

      Happy wiffling.


  6. Hey guys i have a question about your field layout. I am throwing a 2 on 2 tournament may 3rd in delaware, oh. I think I am going to a head and use your field layout. What is the width on your field?

    1. Not sure what the question is, but if you’re asking whether that’s te same bat as the C271 we reviewed, I do believe so! $6 is the lowest I’ve seen it online so pull that trigger if you want!

      1. Yes, I was asking if it was the same bat as the one you reviewed. Sorry, my question wasn’t worded correctly I was on my phone. Just wanted to be sure this was the same bat as what you reviewed before I purchased it. Which ball would you use to go with this bat? Blitz ball or a regular wiffle ball that comes with it?

  7. Hey! I discovered this site yesterday after i messed about with a junk ball yesterday at my friends house and wanted to find out more about wiffleball. I love this site. Keep up the good work! Also, I have a question. For a reasonable price what would be the best thing for me to pick up at dicks to just mess about with in my yard? Thanks.

    1. Hey Jack. Glad you found us! As far as things to pick up at dicks goes, you’re very limited. My local stores carry only the junk ball line, which if you haven’t heard yet, we think is junk! I think you’re better off ordering some things or lucking out with others. Where do you live? Do you have a scheels? They’ve been known to seasonally carry Blitzballs which are tons of fun. If you’re looking for a bat try amazon for a Louisville c271, someone just found one for six bucks. If I can find the link I’ll do my best to get it to you. That’s an amazing bat for the price. Glad to hear you liked our site, we hope you find it very helpful. Happy wiffling.

  8. can you guys do a review on the glomax wiffle ball bat i want to get it but i want to see how good it is. so can you do a review on it?

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