Easton Ball

Price/Acquisition Method:  Comes with the Easton Pro Stix
  Smaller than a baseball
Construction:  Two piece; semi-rigid plastic

Pros:  This ball can be hit a mile (or 140+ feet on our field).

Cons:  There are many downsides to this ball. The solid construction leads to many dents that are impossible to get out. The ball is smaller than a baseball and not much heavier than the other plastic balls tested. It was the main culprit in the breaking of the Easton bat that it came with (although that particular hit was the 140+ one previously mentioned).

Grade:  F

2 Replies to “Easton Ball”

    1. Hey Mike,

      You actually can’t get them as a standalone purchase. At least I’ve never seen them as such. The only way we’ve gotten them is by purchasing bat combos. If you wind up finding them alone, let me know!

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