Easton Pro Stix 1000

Price:  $15 Amazon
Size:  33″
Construction:  1 piece; injection molded plastic; medium hard plastic

Pros:  Nice looking bat with a lot of upside, good distance, good pop.  One piece construction makes the bat very rigid without compromising mass.  33″ length ensures that reach across the strike zone is adequate.  Softer plastic makes this bat more forgiving than other similar bats.

Cons:  Plastic isn’t quite as hard as the Louisville C271.  Softer plastic means more wobble, and more give when hitting a ball.  We encountered two different types of this bat in our search.  Be sure to purchase the bat with: shiny, bright gold paint; a concave endcap; and an injection molding site (little hole) on the endcap, not on the handle end.

Grade:  B

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  1. I have seen online two different paint jobs one with a large E logo like the one you have in your picture and one with a smaller E logo. What does the logo look like on the better one you tested?

    1. Cody,

      See the link below for a pic I sent Chad of my Easton’s. It has both the older style with the logo and the newer style logo. I’ve never had any problems with breaking or cracking, but I’ve only gotten my Easton’s directly from the Easton website (see link above).


      For some reason however, they have been out of stock for a month or two. I’ve been wanting to order more and want to contact Easton when they expect to be shipping new bats…

      Hope this helps!


    1. The one without the oval around the E. Or the top or bottom of the bats in the picture I listed above in the link.

      The ones with the oval are from about 5 years ago and still are going strong. I’ve always purchased my bats directly from Easton and never had one break yet!

      Good luck!

        1. Mike,

          Sorry to be so confusing. Both versions of the bats are good. I’ve never had any problems with them since I order from Easton’s website. I’m guessing the bad or defective ones are from third party sites from which Chad and Casey had the first video on.

          I was just trying to explain that the oval logo bats are the older model.

          To buy, go to:


          Currently, the website says they are out of stock. I’m hoping they get some in soon.

          Let me know if this is more clear now. Good luck!

  2. My friend and I bought this bat from a local walmart. While using it, we’ve found that the hard plastic construction will cause Blitzballs to crack and break along the seam. We’ve also had a Wiffle ball crack as well, but it could have been from using the ball constantly.

    1. Eric,

      Interesting that you say this. We have a lot of experience with these bats, and one of our users, Ryan S, has an extensive amount of experience with these bats and I’m actually pretty surprised to hear what you’re saying. We’ve found both the Louisville C271 and the Blitzball bat to be harder than the Easton bats and have had no trouble with Blitzballs breaking. The wiffle ball is understandable, over time, they wear out, but the Blitzball issue surprises me. Did it happen with more than one Blitzball under the same, repeatable circumstances, or was it a freak accident?

      1. Eric,

        I find this interesting as well as Chad stated above…I use the all holes ball made my Jugs and reviewed on this website. I haven’t had any issues with balls breaking except in one instance. Jugs sent me a new batch of balls as they deemed them defective as they were breaking in half.

        I do not use Blitzballs. Any chance you had a defective batch of Blitzballs?

        One last question, how much was Walmart selling the Easton for?


  3. Cannon sports has the Easton’s in stock. I ordered two, and the picture shows the injection nipple in the barrel end and a convex end cap. Hope they are the good ones. They were $14 w/ free shipping though.

      1. Got the Easton’s today from cannon sports and they are fantastic!
        Definitely the good bats but with a newer Easton logo.(looks like three fingers sticking out)
        Averaging about 128′ into a headwind of about 15 mph (providing I get a good swing)
        The Louisville will be on a shopping list soon if it’s better then the eastons.

  4. i’M LOOKING TO BUY THE PRO STIX TRAINING I heard that there’s a new logo on the bat can someone send me the link t that bat cause I’m looking @ the same bat but with the diamond logo 4 18.95/ free shipping.

    1. Not sure on this one. I bet that a guy named Ryan schuh will fix you up if he sees this post. If he doesn’t, find a comment by him, and ask, he’s the expert on Eastons’.

      1. Mike D.,

        Nice choice on the Eastons. You will not be disappointed. If I read the thread right, it looks like Kent got the new logo version of the bat when he ordered from Cannon Sports. (June 27th post)

        Here’s the link:
        http://www.cannonsports.com/product.php?model=21339&name=Easton 33-inch Pro Stix Training Set

        I might be tempted to purchase one since I have the ones with the versions below:

        Please let me know what you think. I’ve been using these for years with no problems. I did however by a Louisville this month since Chad and Casey talked it up so much. Still have to do some more testing though. 🙂


        1. Ryan, if you’re not a convert it’s only because your lifelong allegiance has been so strong. The Louisville is the better bat, although, I think Casey might agree with your assessment of the Eastons, since he’s got a mental block and can’t hit the Louisville to save his soul. Regardless, the Louisville is excellent, I hope you like it as much as we think you will.

  5. I just bought and tried a pro stix because my c271 was getting beat up and I like it. It has a lot sturdier feel and it has thicker plastic. The pop isnt great, but if you put a lot behind your swing, I think it is better than the c271

  6. hey if you have a sports authority near anyone who reads this there are some for $12. I asked some of the managers and they said it be at each store.

    1. It’s a good bat no doubt, and the trampoline effect is evident, but not enough for me to like this bat as much as the c271 or Blitzball for the price.

  7. At a big five the other day, I saw some of these for 8$! I need to go back and get one! Hopefully others can find some at their local big 5!

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