Junk Ball

Price/Acquisition Method:  About $2 each.
Construction:  Three piece; rigid plastic; “scuff marks” on one side of the ball; a clickable sliding middle to adjust air flow through the ball.

Pros:  Great design with a band that shifts along the middle of the ball to either expose pre-cut holes or cover them depending on which pitch you want to throw. With the holes exposed the ball has a lot of movement. Size is, again, the same as a baseball. Different color combinations along with the matching bat colors makes playing in the winter a little easier. Heavier weight gives the pitcher more speed when throwing.

Cons:  The big downside to this ball is the band. While it is a great idea for throwing different pitches, it’s the weakest spot on the ball and will come off when hit hard. The plastic is also not as thick which causes the ball to dent and increases the odds of the band coming loose.

Grade:  C

9 Replies to “Junk Ball”

  1. Once the band breaks, I like to put it back on and wrap a thin strip of duct tape around it twice. This way, it stays intact, but you can still throw the nastier pitches.

    1. Yup. Sorry to hear that, but can’t say I’m surprised. If you want something a little different, try out the Blitzball. They’re solid, and fun. Give it a shot.

    1. I think it depends where you live. There have been sightings of some Blitzballs mostly in the western half of the US though. Probably better off ordering a four pack from collegehillgames.com.

  2. personally this ball is my favorite when it comes to ptching. i can get great velocity and break easily. definitly would prefer it over a wiffle ball if it didnt have the band.

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