Louisville C271 (Ken Griffey Jr. Bat)

Price:  $18 Amazon
Construction:  1 piece; injection molded plastic; very hard plastic

Pros:  Modeled after the bat that Ken Griffey Jr. used to use, this is a very solid bat.  One piece construction makes the bat very rigid without compromising mass.  33″ length ensures that reach across the strike zone is adequate.

Cons:  Bats arrive with a very slight bend; we presume it’s because of the manufacturing process.  The bend does not affect the bats performance.  Slight wobble when swinging very hard.

Grade:  A (Chad’s Favorite)








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    1. The tape is standard training tape used for taping ankles, etc. We did throw a touch of Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax on it to ensure it remained solid, though. We actually taped in more of a hockey stick fashion than a baseball fashion.

  1. I have a louisville slugger and i love it. i play it wiffle ball almost everyday. Im wondering if i should switch to a easton pro stix 1000 or if i should stick to the c271. Any reccomendations?

      1. thanks i think you are right cuz i have had that bat for years and it is great. i put friction tape on the handle and i cant stop blasting homeruns.

    1. I ve got a pro stix and also gone through many MLB Powerhouse bats and though the Easton has lasted much longer, it does not have nearly the pop of the grey bat. Lately it seems that its gotten “warmed up” and started hitting a little better. But i’d say its not worth it though I havent ever tried a C271

      1. You’re right on man. Have to remember that different hitters prefer different feels. I like the way the ball feels coming off of the C271. It feels really solid, not as soft as the Easton or Nerf. In the end, all three are great options, it’s up to you to decide which is your favorite.

    1. Actually, we’ve never modded the C271. We (me especially) feel like it’s an absolutely stellar bat from the get go and there’s no reason to actually change it. Handle tape and we’re on the way.

        1. Glad to hear we’ve helped. We thought the niche was vacant when we decided to make the site. We try to get the good information out there for you. Thanks for the upvote!

    1. We have a KSCX that we did our first video reviewing with today. Gotta cut up some footage and we’ll get it out to you guys within a week. Thanks for checking up.

    1. I’m currently in a hold pattern with Louisville Slugger. They’re looking into this very issue. I contacted them about a week ago. I’ll let you know the findings when they come around.

        1. Thanks that might help, I’m gonna look at that site. Do you guys know if they have a little smaller size I like swinging a 32 or 33. I have a grey powerhouse MLB bat and I love it but I just want to get another for my friends and I.

          1. Well, I’m a big Easton Pro Stix guy and they are 33 inches. Cannon Sports has them…Not sure if they are the good Easton’s or not. I’ve always purchased directly from Easton’s site but they have been out for months.

            If you want a 32 inch bat, I’ve used a Junk Ball bat before which is nice but not as nice as an Easton in my opinion. Maybe Chad has some other thoughts since he’s the expert. 🙂

        2. If you guys have Modells sporting goods stores check there for the Louisville Slugger bats.
          I live in Maryland and just last week I picked some up from there.
          Good Luck with your search.

  2. Thanks, my friend has a Junk Ball Bat but I wasn’nt thrilled about it. I’m into the Eastons. Could you send me the link to the website?

  3. Thanks I’ll look into that, I’m currently looking at the same website and I’m going to call them about the c271 I saw on their site. Maybe I can get a good deal 4 2 bats

  4. What bat would you prefer for me I am 13 and I was looking at the gtsoh bat but it was a little to expensive. Then I found this and thought this would be good. What do you think?

    1. Jaden, this bat, or the blitzball bat would make you a very happy man. The ball with this one is garbage, but the blitzballs are excellent, so I’d give that a look first. Let us know if you have any other questions or need more info.

      Happy wiffling.

    1. Pretty much just online. Occasionally someone will find a Louisville at a Modell sports, but I’ve never seen one there. The amount of gas used to look around town at all the sports stores would probably be more than the shipping. I’d go online. There are links for both bats on their respective pages on the site. Happy wiffling.

  5. Thank you and I just watched the this month in wiffle ball episode for palisades wiffle ball and they were using the nerf swerve is that as good as the two bats you recommended of is it bad? Thanks

    1. Tough to say. The nerd bat is good. I prefer both the blitzball bat and Louisville. They’re the same bat actually, just that the blitzball bat is blue. Click on ‘bats’ at the top of the page, then scroll down to see where we rank them. The thing about bats is that it’s all based on opinion. The bat chart gives you a good idea of where they stack up. Hope it helps.

    1. I do a base layer of flat tape, then I pull off about two feet of tape and spin it into a small rope like shape, then spiral it around the base layer. Then finish it with a top layer of tape and boom. There you go. This particular bat has a little knob tape as well to help with the bottom end. Just grab some athletic tape and give it a go. If you don’t like it, change it.

  6. I want to get both the Griffey bat and the Riken Quickbat but would it be worth getting both of them. Two more things, I’m 13, 5″7, 130 pounds so would the Quickbat be long enough for me. And on your bat chart in the Handle/Grip/Feel category you gave the quickbat a 6. Is that because of its length or does it not feel good? Thank you.

    1. I’d go for the Louisville. The Ripken people have been terrible about getting back to people who have ordered, info is sparse at best, and shipping is very slow and untracked. Sounds like you’re going to want the extra length, 30″ is very short. Without modding, the bat is very difficult to use in a solid game of wiffle ball. I’d grab a Griffey (or Blitzball bat, they’re the same) and run with it.

  7. I went to dicks sporting goods today and they had Louisville sluggers for 4.99 and they had a ton. I don’t no if this was like a one time thing or not but I stocked up for the price.

  8. I got this bat off amazon for just $6.99. It was an awesome deal for an awesome bat. Only con is that it came bent and that it advertises as 34″ but its only 33″ but that really doesn’t matter because its still a cannon.

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