MLB Powerhouse Grey Bat

Price:  $7 (Target)
Construction:  2 piece; injection molded plastic barrel; medium plastic; plastic knob; rubber grip

Pros:  The length of this bat comes in at 33 1/2″ which is the second longest of any that we tested (See Palisades GTSOH). Has tremendous amounts of pop coming off the barrel.  Rubber grip is nice but could be a little tighter on the bat.  Has a great feel when swinging.  This bat hits the ball the farthest of our bats, but is currently modified with a wooden dowel running down the barrel and into the handle giving it a lot more stability and mass.

Cons:  The biggest issue this bat has is the knob on the end.  It is a separate piece that is attached to the handle and easily breaks off rendering the bat useless.  The only other issue is that the plastic could be thicker or stronger because the bat does have some wobble to it.

Grade:  B (Casey’s Favorite, although nobody knows why)

6 Replies to “MLB Powerhouse Grey Bat”

  1. Well, my Powerhouse broke…the knob is busted. Anyone have ideas that would be able to save this bat? I’ve only had it for a few weeks and we broke it during our last homerun derby. Screws? Dowel?

    I suppose it is possible to tape up a knob, just have a tapered handle?

    1. I stuck a dowel through mine after the knob ripped off. I actually went all the way through the top of the bat but that made it a little too heavy. If I were you, I’d dowel it to the top of the handle and then screw a knob onto the end, kind of like the GTSOH bats.

  2. This bat is my favorite. I did the dowel+spray foam mod and it is like a trampoline. I can’t believe the pop. I hit home runs like crazy with out even swinging hard.

    1. I have no idea, Todd. Casey did the modding, and I think he essentially bought an assortment of dowels that looked close to the inside diameter of the handle, then he returned the ones that weren’t used. Good luck!

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