MLB Slurve Bat

Price:  $13 (Amazon)
Construction:  1 piece; injection molded plastic barrel; medium hard plastic

Pros:  A lot like the original yellow wiffle bat.  One-piece construction.  For a ‘skinny’ bat, it is very forgiving.

Cons:  Plastic used is softer than the original wiffle bat, leading to more wobble and weaker contact.  32″ long.

Grade:  D

2 Replies to “MLB Slurve Bat”

  1. here at IUP we had a rugby team wiffleball day a bunch of guys had these. it was horrible, the thing bent with the ball it came with. thank god i had this bat from the ESPN zone in disney world 8 years ago. its like the c271 and has the best quality plastic i have ever seen

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