Moonshot KSCX Rev2

Price:  $200 (Moonshot Bats)
Construction:  1 piece; Carbon Fiber and Kevlar (Spectracarb) construction; Easton leather grip

Pros:  New bat shape makes the original revolution feel sluggish.  Very quick bat speed throughout the swing.  Very precise bat control.  Extremely nice build quality, and feel.  Simply put, it’s the best bat I’ve ever swung.

Cons:  It costs $200, so it’s very much in a league of its own.

Grade:  A (Chad’s Favorite)

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    1. Check the bat chart for scores.

      Like in school, there is no grade of A+, so if it’s solid, it’s an A option. Our current grade of A bats are within different categories as well. I’ll re-work the grading system at some point. This was built when we had a stable of bats that was small enough for letter grades. Thanks for checking us out, and happy wiffling.

  1. Hey guys, great vid. Ive been watching your videos and have found that if u guys use your hips earlier in the swing with a more violent action and also step towards the pitcher instead of stepping across your body or pulling the front half of your body out that you would have much much more power. Hope u guys dont take this the wrong way just trying to give some constructive criticism.
    Keep wiffling,

  2. Hey, could yall review the skyball bat on wiffle balls i use that one and it works pretty good but i would like to see your review on it, thanks.

    1. Hey Matt. If I remember correctly, the sky ball ball was one of the first we ever used. If it’s any indication, we have since gotten rid of it because it didn’t even come close to some of the others. Refresh my memory with a link to the bat and I’ll let you know if it’s the same as I remember. Also, can you measure yours, that would help as well. Thanks!

    1. Depends on the bat, Kyle. Some are simple injection molds, some are modified versions of that, and ones like this bat that you’ve commented on are quite a bit more involved with carbon fiber, kevlar, etc. I know, though, that I’m no bat maker, so I can’t tell you the exact methods.

  3. I belive that I have a great idea for a new wiffleball bat but dont know how to make one or where to get it made. What do you think?

    1. Hey Jon. How exciting! New bats are always welcome. As far as how to make it or where to get it made goes, I’m not sure, boss. My best advice would be to get a hold of Aaron, he’s the founder/CEO/whatever of Blitzball, and I know he has a bat that’s exactly like the Louisville C271 and he might be able to steer you in the right direction. Start at Facebook or twitter and get a hold of him. I’ve included the links below. Good luck! And let me know when you’re ready for a review!

    1. The Rev2 has a longer handle and a shorter barrel. The Rev is more softball bat like. The Rev2 feels much less cumbersome swinging through the zone. If I was plunking down $200 on a bat, it’d definitely be a Rev2. It’s an excellent bat.

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