Nerf Swerve Ball

Price/Acquisition Method:  Around $2 each.
  Smaller than a baseball
Construction:  Foam; felt patch on one side of the ball

Pros:  Solid foam ball that will go a long way when hit. Heavy weight allows more speed when throwing a fastball.

Cons:  Ball is too heavy to use with most bats and is smaller than a baseball. The matching Nerf bat is known to crack when using this ball. The gimmick of getting the ball to curve is a patch of felt on the bottom side of the ball. This supposedly allows the ball to curve in the opposite direction of that patch although this is easier said than done.

Grade:  F

5 Replies to “Nerf Swerve Ball”

  1. I could throw this extremely hard, and the ball moves a ton! I can get the slider to break 1 1/2- 2 feet and still throw it hard. It might help that I’m a college pitcher haha but I don’t recommend playing with it cause it is a harder ball and will break bats(learned from experiences). I just like to mess around with it, not play with it

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