Nerf Swerve

Price:  $14 (Amazon)
Construction:  1 piece; injection molded plastic; hard plastic; rubber grip

Pros:  One piece design with a strong handle that has very little give when swinging.  Rubber grip is the best of any bat we have (from the factory, we both prefer taping our handles regardless).  2 1/2″ barrel gives it a lot of pop.

Cons:  32″ length puts it on the lower end of that scale. Plastic could be a little thicker or harder. Embossed Nerf logo has been known to crack when used with a harder ball.

Grade:  B

9 Replies to “Nerf Swerve”

  1. i bought this with the ball. hated the ball kept the bat. i love this bat, i use it for hitting all hole balls off tee, since i cant hit real balls where i live. im looking foward to using this in a wiffle ball game.

  2. my nerf bat cracked on the logo, and i have an upcoming tournament and hope to use it. would you recommend taping it from the top to where the nerf logo ends?

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