Original Yellow Wiffle Bat

Price:  $4.69 (Excursions Journey to Health) – Look for these in grocery stores or discount stores such as 5Below for a cheaper price.
Construction:  1 pieces; injection molded plastic; very hard plastic

Pros:  It’s the original bat that has very strong plastic walls.  Very little flex while swinging.  If you are going to stay true to the original game this is the bat you must use.

Cons:  32″ bat is on the short end of our tests.  Not a lot of pop off the bat but not as bad as the Slurve knockoff. Skinny barrel also makes it much harder to hit the ball but sometimes that’s the fun of it.

Grade:  A (If you play in a skinny bat league); C (If you don’t)

7 Replies to “Original Yellow Wiffle Bat”

  1. I noticed with this bat that after a couple years it flattens.I modified it the other day and it only hits far when the ball makes contact with the flat side.Other than that,best skinny choice out of all of them

    1. I hate to tell you this, but Sahdwiffle is in a bit of a holding pattern with regard to bat reviews. A good indicator of how the screwball bat performs can be found in the locobat or gtsoh bat reviews. The actual screwball bat is too short to be really useful without modifying. Similar to what we said about the Ripken Quickbat. Best of luck.

  2. The original Wiffle is one of the best bats i’ve used. Mine is a 34″ and the reach it has is truly amazing. I can hit almost any pitch throw in or around the strike zone.

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