Palisades WBL – GTSOH Bat

Price:  $35 (Palisades WBL Store)
  34″, 35″, or 36″ (we tested the 36″)
Construction:  3 piece; injection molded plastic barrel; medium hard plastic; wood handle; wood knob

Pros:  The construction is very well done and this bat is extremely sturdy, especially when you compare it to an all plastic bat. Ours came in the 36″ length which will help when you’re chasing a curve ball breaking away from you. The entire bat feels solid and hits the ball really well. This bat makes us wonder how well our other ones would perform if we modded them the same way. Palisades did a great job with this bat and it is highly recommended.

Cons:  The only negative we found with the bat is that the barrel seems to be a bit soft and would flatten out slightly after a few hits. Chad uses the Griffey bat as his reference for how much pop the ball has coming off the barrel and didn’t think this one was on the same level. I think it has a similar feel to the Grey MLB bat but is an all around better product.

Grade:  A- (Jason’s Favorite)

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    1. If you’re talking about the GTSOH, yes, it’s a good bat. I do like the Louisville and Blitzball bat better, though, simply because this bat is constructed from a wood handle, some screws, and the barrel off of a screwball bat. I’m more of a purist and like my bats to be a single piece. Maybe in another life I’ll convert, but I think that the Louisville and Blitzball bats (remember, they’re the same bat) do a better job for my needs.

  1. I have the Griffey bat and I’m thinking of getting the GTSOH bat. But can you take the handle off of the GTSOH to put it on the griffey. Can it be disassembled. Is it connected by screws?

    1. I’m not saying don’t do it, just…don’t do it! The Griffey bat is excellent. The only reason I’d get one of these in addition is that you are bored with the Griffey or need more length. I wouldn’t bother cutting it up though and trying to stick a chunk of wood into it. The screwball barrel (used by the GTSOH) is shaped much differently than the Louisville, who knows if it would even fit. I wouldn’t hack up a perfectly good stick to (in all likelihood) make it worse.

      Ultimately, it’s your decision, so whatever you decide, let us know how it works out.

  2. I made my own just for fun but how far in do you think the handle goes inside the barrel? Do you think it runs all the way the entire length.

    I cut my handle off around the point where the actual barrel starts.

      1. I love it.

        Seems to have quite a bit of pop. I am completely satisfied but I just wanted to check to see if I am missing something since none of my friends have one for me to compare it to.

        Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Which bat is the best. I’m very confused on what to get an the moon shot is too much please steer me the right direction I need really good help on what’s the most durable and best to use

    1. They’re all different, Tanner. If you want a $20-$30 bat, and you’re hitting only classic Wiffles, I’d go for a C271 or a Blitzball bat (They’re the same, only a different color). The bonus to the Blitzball bat is that it comes with a couple of Blitzballs, they are most definitely a great time to play with, you may wind up liking them more, so it’s worth it to me to go that route. With your requirements in mind, I say go for a Blitzball bat. Ultimately, it’s up to you, let us know what you wind up with.

    1. Hard to say, but both seem like they’d last quite a while. I do appreciate the fact that the Loco seems much better put together. Screws and electrical tape work, but look a bit more shabby. Further, when you drop the GTSOH, it rattles and buzzes while the Loco simply hits the ground without a sound. Reports are that the Screwball barrels get really soft in the sun, so keep whichever you go with in the shade in order to keep the barrel ready to go.

  4. I have tested a gtsoh, a grey mlb bat, and a c271 and the c271 is by far the least powerful. The gtsoh and mlb bats have great pop and i can easily hit balls 130ft. The c271 is more consistent than the mlb bat but averages aroune 110 on a good hit. My overall favorite would be the gtsoh.

    1. Very very similar. Same barrel, same idea, but a slightly different bat because they’re made by different people. All in all though, yeah, you could probably say they’re the same bat.

  5. My son has wore out the bat we bought from you. It has busted in the seams. Do you sell a replacement barrel? Please get back with me. Thanks

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