Ripken Quickbat

Price:  $14 (Ripken Quickball
Construction:  1 piece; injection molded plastic; hard plastic

Pros:  Excellent pop and distance.  Great feel, well built.  Six “quickballs” are included (they are a smaller, harder version of the ‘all holes ball‘)

Cons:  As far as performance goes, this bat is stacked.  The major con is the length.  At 30″, you’ll have to be a magician to hit a good pitcher.  This bat has major upside in the “modifications” department.

Grade:  B (Only because of length, it’s certainly an A if it’s a bit longer)

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  1. Any idea what size dowel would fit in the handle of this bat? I just ordered mine and am going to modify it. I’m gonna try and basically make a GTSOH bat but with this barrel. Thanks in advance.

  2. I’m the person who asked about the C271 I just looked at the video of he ripken bat and it lookes amazing. I went to the website and saw it for a great price. I’,m definately ordering it. I also waant a C271 but I can wait. If you can reply when you get the C271 in stock and I’ll try ordering. If it wasn’t for you guys I couldn’t have all this info on wiffle ball bats THANKS A LOT!!

    1. We are actually not a dealer of the bats. We got ours from the link we have that points to Amazon. I have contacted Louisville, however, and they’re supposed to let me know what’s up with the limited availability. I’ll keep you posted when I know.

  3. I found another bat on amazon because I couldn’t find the quick ball/bat. The bat is called BSN Polybat, it look very similar.

  4. Which bat would you prefer:The Ripken Quickbat or Loco?The Loco is 6 inches longer but less distance, as the Quickbat is only 30 inches, but more distance…

    1. Jake,

      It’s six of one, half dozen of the other. There are major differences between the bats. If I have to choose one as it sits for a game, I go with the LocoBat simply because 30 inches won’t cut it in most games. As usual, thanks for having a look. Have a great day and happy wiffling.

      1. Ok, thank you for replying so quick.This is my favorite Wiffleball website!Your reviews save us alot of time…you have a great day yourself “Stay-at-home-dad”!

    1. We’ve only ever been able to track them down through the Ripken Quickball website, which has recently changed. Now I have no idea. If I find one, I’ll let you know. Sorry Cody.

    2. Cody,

      Try,and click on the “Products” section.It will be under “Bat and Ball Sets” which sell the Bat,Griptape,and 6 quickballs….all for $14.

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