The “All Holes” Ball

Price/Acquisition Method:  Around $1.15 each.
Construction:  Two piece; rigid plastic; uniform, circular holes on all sides of the ball

Pros:  Sturdy ball that never dents. Ball is the same size as a regular baseball.

Cons:  Slow speed when pitching. Hard to get any movement with the ball.  Unpredictable.

Grade:  D

18 Replies to “The “All Holes” Ball”

  1. Are these the MLB endorsed Franklin balls are did you try another brand? Have you tried the JUGS polyballs? I have a wiffle ball pitching machine that I made out of a leaf blower and wiffle balls and blitzballs just move too much to get any decent swings off. Thanks in advance.

    1. Sorry it took so long, Jim. It’s been a crazy week. I do not know the answer to your question, however, I’ve heard the JUGS balls are much better than the MLB ones. Just from my experience with the brands, I’d agree with what I have heard. Are you having issues with breaking balls?

  2. Me and my brother play wiffle ball all the time and we only use these types of balls. i think they are more realistic and act alot like a real baseball.

    1. Some people love them, but that goes for just about everything. We can’t get them to break well at all on a consistent basis which is why we stick with the Wiffle balls. If you want a ball that acts like a baseball, none is better than the Blitzball in my opinion. Thanks for chiming in.

    1. I changed the last sentence to say that they are unpredictable. “Doesn’t fly very far when hit” didn’t do a good job of describing the ball. Thanks for letting me know.

    1. Yeah but the problem with that is that the balls still dont really bounce on the ground like a baseball and they are hard to throw, fielding wise, accurately

  3. If you tape these balls with duct tape, they go really far, and react like a real baseball. I have also noticed that these balls break easily if they are not taped.

  4. Hello, I am a wiffleball crazied person. Currently, I am looking for a wiffleball that won’t dent. I have been using jugs, but they tent to dent and we can’t fix them. I have an off brand you would buy at an athletes corner, but the problem with these is they dent way to easy. Do you have any ideas for the most undentable wiffleball with the all holes like this?

    1. Have you tried the stee rike 3 ball? That’s the only option left that I know of. Otherwise I’d say jugs is probably your best bet. Good luck.

    2. Baden wiffle/practice balls, are by far the best all holes balls I’ve ever used. They travel relatively far and almost never break out dent. They are the ones with the red seams.

  5. Okay, thanks. Are you talking about the Baden balls with the seams on them? Those dent super easy when we play wiffleball games.

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