The Wiffle Ball

Price/Acquisition Method:  Around $1.35-$1.40 each.  We buy in bulk from Excursions Journey to Health.
Construction:  Two piece; semi-rigid plastic; 8 oval-shaped holes on one side of the ball

Pros:  The original and best ball for wiffle. Never dents and has great movement when pitching. Exact size of a real baseball as well.

Cons:  Needs to be scuffed and/or cut to have the best movement.

Grade:  A

13 Replies to “The Wiffle Ball”

  1. I just bought some wiffle balls cuz my old ones broke and when I throw them they don’t move at all they just go straight!!! With my old ones I could do any pitch but now I can’t they only go straight dose any one got any tips or suggestions on what to do.

  2. I just scuffed the balls and when I throw them some of the balls barley move at all and I can’t throw the drop or curve ball dose any one no y??

  3. is there any way to throw an unscuffed wiffle ball and get some type of break on it?? I cant seem to figure it out. ive seen it done on youtube though. I can throw a scuff pretty well and am playing in a charity tournament where they supply the balls. I know its for charity but, I cant switch the competitive part of my brain off. any ideas??

    1. Go outside with every wiffle ball you’ve got and teach yourself the knuckleball. Knuckleball/fastball will keep them guessing and the speed change is what will get them. Best advice I can give. Good luck!

      1. ok, I believe I have found the secret to pitching new balls. I need someone else to try this technique and see if it works for them. to get the unscuffed balls to break the same as a scuffed ball, I use a light grip on the ball but put lots of pressure on one hole with the finger closest to it. in other words, if you are a rhp, to throw the slider, split your fingers along the seam, then cover one hole with your middle finger tip, push in to create a light dent at the hole, throw the ball medium hard and watch it break like a scuff. im able to get excellent movement out of all 4 “standard” braking pitches… consistently. I think whats happening is, the pressure of the finger tip on the hole (don’t get cute with that), is putting a hell of a lot of spin on the ball and creating the turbulent air around it. please try my technique and re-post your results, just to prove if im crazy or not.

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