Who the hell are these people anyway?

It started with two Stay at Home Dads that needed to recreate while their toddlers played.  Naturally, when we realized that we had an open green space, we wanted to play Wiffleball.

Why a website?

Once we played a little Wiffleball, we wanted to know more, we wanted to try new things, we wanted to find other opinions on better bats, or different balls to use.  It was awful trying to find the information in one place, so as a public service, we decided to make the site.  We wanted to try all the bats and balls we could, and didn't want to find anyone else without the knowledge we've acquired.  We don't get paid, we simply do this because it's fun to do.

Plans for the future?

I'd love to say that SAHDwiffle.com would become the singular place on the internet to find information that matters about a backyard game that we love...but let's be realistic, there's tons out there.  The goal for the future is to continue to get better.  Adding a "small baseball" section with help from the best "small baseball glove" maker on the planet is a very real possibility.  I'd also like to branch out and give people more info about what works and does not work with the Blitzball.  A section dedicated to this is also a real possibility.  I plan on building a field soon in Montana as well, so we may very well do a blog series on how we went about it.  

There's lots of options, what do you want to see?  Let us know.
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