Junk Ball Bat

The Junk Ball Bat

Not bad, but there's certainly better to be found.

This bat comes together with a Junk Ball.  The bat itself isn't bad at all.  The ball is very gimmicky and doesn't last long.


Solid single piece construction with thicker plastic walls. Unique shape gives it a good feel when swinging. The band in the middle of the barrel provides an extra boost when hitting the ball. Different color combinations to choose from between the bat, and the band.


 The handle is a little skinny which gives it a little wobble when swinging. 32″ size is a little shorter than most of the bats we tested. The barrel is also a lot skinner at 2″.

Some Other Bats to Consider

There are other fish in the sea....er...bats in the grass?  Ah to heck with it.  Don't stop here, check out more bats before you make a decision.
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