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By Chad Huff 18 Jan, 2018
Instead of playing backyard ball, I got these new stunner shades to up my game.  My wife tells me I'm an idiot...she's not wrong.  Also, I'm sitting on a box of "small baseball" gloves to try out, but considering that there's legitimately a foot of snow on the ground that's covered in an insane crust of ice, my in tact bones thank me for not putting together a new video.  Might have to do it over the next week or so just inside so you can see just how good John has gotten at making these things.  Impressive stuff.

What do you all have going on in Winter with regard to backyard stick sports?  Anything?  Let me know.
By Chad Huff 06 Dec, 2017
I've been out of the game for too long.  I bought a new house with plenty of space for a ball field, I have some friends all over the country doing amazing things with the backyard game, and I'm ready to get this mess going again.  I've completely re-built the site, and I still just want to help you all find what you need for backyard bat and ball sports.  Message me, comment on stuff, make suggestions, and I'm more excited to get this thing back than ever.  Let's have it, kids, it's SAHDwiffle time!

It isn't going to be perfect right out of the gate.  Re-building this thing is no joke for amount of work necessary, but I'll add things as I get to them from the old site.  Have particular interest in something, let me know.  Just an FYI though, I now live in Montana where we won't see the grass again until about April.  Keep me entertained over the Winter!
By Chad 21 Sep, 2017
Upgrade!  Just moved from Colorado to Montana.  With the change comes a small farm, which includes enough space to get creative with the building of a new plastic bat/ball sports field.  What are your thoughts?  Ideas?  Shoot them this way!  I’d love to hear about them!
By Chad 05 May, 2017
A little rant coming your way here, forgive me.
By Chad 22 Aug, 2015
John has been doing this. He has nearly completed his hand built repertoire of “small baseball” gloves. Each of which is purpose built for the person wearing it. Different sizes, different webs, different materials to ensure that each glove serves its purpose perfectly. Folks, we are talking wizardry here. The man is a genius. As a curiosity, would any one be willing to pay for one of these?  Is there interest out there for playing “small baseball?”
By Chad 24 Apr, 2015
My mind just got blown.  John is a user with a history of providing neat things for us. He’s given us a formula devised to create wiffle sized fields out of big league dimensions, a bunch of stadium draw ups for people curious on how large to build replicas, a hand made child’s wiffle glove, and now this.
By Chad 09 Oct, 2014
FINALLY!!!  Sorry team, this was one hell of a summer for not getting much wiffling done!
By Chad 08 Oct, 2014
Alright alright…I know, I’m a slacker.  Yada yada yada.  However, hopefully you can appreciate the new site look and ease of navigation.  My computer is back in action!  I know the seasons are wrapping up all over the place, but I’ve still got a chance to get you some bat info, so look for that.
By Chad 13 Sep, 2014
So, one of my ram chip slots decided to take a five and the only replacement is a new logic board! Yay! Anyway, that’s my excuse for being a lame duck. Once the computer is back, I’ll get the fire vision review up and we will be back in business. On a side note, our host has been a bit spotty, so many reviews and emails haven’t made it through it seems. I’m working on it. Man, who knew that I’d have so many people wanting more wiffle goodness when I went down. Anyone want to take over a website!!?!
By Chad 26 Jul, 2014
First, it was the 3d Google Sketchups of the historic fields, then it was deriving his own equation to convert baseball field dimensions into wiffle field dimensions, and finally it was the cloth mockup of a child’s glove.
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