Marucci Wiffle Stick

The Marucci Wiffle Stick

A skinny bat built with the quality that Marucci is known for.  Seriously cool bat for only $30.

Custom made to your specifications, the Marucci Wiffle Stick stands above all others.  To be fair, there are literally no know...since it's made of wood, and it's a skinny bat.


It’s made of wood. It’s beautiful. It’s hand-crafted. It sounds like Zeus is swinging at a wiffle ball when you strike it well. It is available in any of Marucci’s color combinations, meaning you can get the bat you want, not the bat they want you to have.


Very heavy plus very skinny makes it exceptionally difficult to hit the ball. Fast pitch leagues are a definite no go, but a medium pitch or slow pitch league could put on an exceptional wood bat tournament with this piece.

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