Blitzball Bat

The Blitzball Bat

A re-badged Louisville C271, but I sure as hell am not complaining.

This bat comes in the Blitzball Starter Set which is the best way to acquire it.  Occasionally you may find this bat packaged with two Blitzballs in a big box store, especially in the Spring.


The exact same bat as the Louisville C271 (Ken Griffey Jr. Bat), but in blue. Excellent bat. Hard plastic, excellent balance and feel. Amazing pop. The fact that the starter kit comes with 3 Blitzballs as well makes it easy for this to be my go to choice for the question, “SAHDwiffle, I’ve got a $30 bill and need a bat, what’s your recommendation?”  


The manufacturing process yields slightly bent bats. When I say slightly, I mean it. The curvature of the bat is not noticeable if you’re not looking for it. Another minimal issue is that when swinging hard, there is a very slight give/wobble down the shaft of the bat.

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