The Classic Wiffle Bat

The Classic Wiffle Bat

The one that started it all.  It's about $10.  Go pay homage to the original and get yourself one.

Pretty amazing that this bat is still around and still being utilized at all levels of Wiffle Ball.  People customize them in all sorts of ways, but there's something terrific about simply letting the yellow plastic nubs wear blisters into your hands during a warm day in the backyard.


It’s the original bat that has very strong plastic walls. Very little flex while swinging. If you are going to stay true to the original game this is the bat you must use.


32″ bat is on the short end of our tests. Not a lot of pop off the bat but not as bad as the Slurve knockoff. Skinny barrel also makes it much harder to hit the ball but sometimes that’s the fun of it.

Some Other Bats to Consider

There are other fish in the in the grass?  Ah to heck with it.  Don't stop here, check out more bats before you make a decision.
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