Junk Ball Bat

Price:  $10 (Amazon)
Construction:  2 pieces; injection molded plastic; hard plastic; plastic ‘sweet spot’ sleeve

Pros:  Solid single piece construction with thicker plastic walls.  Unique shape gives it a good feel when swinging. The band in the middle of the barrel provides an extra boost when hitting the ball.  Different color combinations to choose from between the bat, and the band.

Cons:  The handle is a little skinny which gives it a little wobble when swinging. 32″ size is a little shorter than most of the bats we tested. The barrel is also a lot skinner at 2″.

Grade:  B-

7 Replies to “Junk Ball Bat”

      1. After the review. You guys really helped me choose to purchase this bat! Now I am looking to get another type to use as well… Any recommendations?

        1. Go have a look at the bat chart http://www.sahdwiffle.com/bats and look near the top. Those are our favorites, you will be able to see that we feel the Junk Bat is now far less of a bat than we previously thought. It’s still okay, don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely not as good as many others. Figure out what you want to spend and buy accordingly. Tip from the top: We are currently in the process of testing a Moonshot Rev2, and it’s pretty awesome. I foresee it surpassing the KSCX revolution that currently resides atop our leaderboard. Best of luck, Cameron, and thanks for looking us up!

  1. Junk ball lives by its name! The second my son hit the ball, the ring on the ball snapped in half! It realy is a piece of junk. I would give this NO stars.

    1. Sorry about that, but it’s true, we’ve been unimpressed and with every new product, it seems there are many disappointments. If you want something that will last, I’d go for some classic Wiffle balls, or Blitzballs. Both should last quite some time.

  2. The other day I was out hitting with my left handed friend, and he was throwing a nasty cutter. He said I’m about to saw you off so I was expecting the inside cutter. So he threw the inside cutter. When I hit it my bat split in two pieces. So I do not recommend this bat against pitchers who have good cutters.

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