Marucci Wiffle Stick

Price:  $30 (Marucci Bats)
  32″ – Marucci will cut yours to the specs you wish for length.  Great customer service.  Great company.
Construction:  1 piece; wood.

Pros:  It’s made of wood.  It’s beautiful.  It’s hand-crafted.  It sounds like Zeus is swinging at a wiffle ball when you strike it well.  It is available in any of Marucci’s color combinations, meaning you can get the bat you want, not the bat they want you to have.

Cons:  Very heavy plus very skinny makes it exceptionally difficult to hit the ball.  Fast pitch leagues are a definite no go, but a medium pitch or slow pitch league could put on an exceptional wood bat tournament with this piece.

Grade:  A+ for looks and feel, D for playability in a fast pitch league.

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    1. We specified in the comments section and immediately called after placing the order because we messed it up. The conversation went something like, “hi, I just screwed up my order of a wiffle stick.” He said, “I’ll tell Jim, he will be the one making your bat today.” It’s only a small operation. Something like 25 employees at the factory. Give them a call if you’re unsure what to do. Great people.

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